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  1. Ok I will add more... If my water has consumed it all, is the coral now useless?
  2. Guys, the crushed coral worked for a time, but now it's back down to 6.0. It was 6.6 yesterday, then I did a 70% w/c and now it's low. I don't want to go back to using liquid chemicals again but this is annoying now. Could it be that I'm using only 50g of crushed coral? Do I need more to cover the 190l volume?
  3. The crushed coral has worked perfectly. It's taken 2 days for the pH to rise from 6.6 to 7.6. Much better than adding buffers and other chemicals, as it doesn't last and isn't steady. Great advice!
  4. My water parameters are much more stable. I've added crushed coral to the filter. New additions to the family, 2 Chihuahua's... Duke & Diesel
  5. The other 2 are doing fine. Water parameters are much more stable. I've added 50g of crushed coral to the filter. New addition to the family, 2 Chihuahua's....
  6. Yes I'm using prime, and I will use it for this reason, to get me to the next day. Then I will do I full water change. I've also just got fluval ammonia remover pouches, and put one in my filter.,Im hoping this helps longer term, until I can get this sorted.
  7. My results today pH 7.6, am 1.0, ni 0,Nitra 20ppm I'm doing a full water change but everyday I have small readings of ammonia. I never have any nitrites. I'm feeding less but I still end up doing extra water changes. I was using ammonia remover but it doesn't work and I read a few negative comments about it on here.
  8. I have API drop test. I left tap water for 24hours. Before 7.6 and today 6.6, so I guess I better buy some crushed coral.
  9. Ok I will do this now and test the water tomorrow. I use Seachum alkaline buffer. Ive tried to test kh but it's confusing. Do I count from when then water turns blue? Also it never ends up the green colour it's suppose to.
  10. My PH was at 6.6 this morning. I did a full 100% w/c and then tested the PH an hour later, which was 6.0. I've added a buffer and will test it in a few hours. Why am I having issues now. My tap water's PH is 7.2. Before w/c am 0.25, Nitri, 0, Nitra, 5.0 After w/c am 0, Nitri, 0, Nitrate, 0 190l juwel trigon. Hubby went and brought home 2 baby telescopes, so now I'm at 4 goldfish.
  11. Yes,I will still keep this tank for smaller fish. I will have to start looking into the hob filters and I will run it on this tank for awhile. Thanks good tip!
  12. Thanks. The filter isn't removable, so not really that good when it comes to cleaning around it. I agree that they would have more room to swim. The background, I did myself using poster glue and juwel backgrounds. It was a complete nightmare and took me 3 days. I just constantly moaned that I should of just painted it!! So as much as I like your idea, I won't be adding a filter but upgrading the tank itself. Ever since I got it, I knew I should of gone for a tank long.
  13. UpThanks guys. Yes I will try to answer all. I have just 2 baby fantails. Am 0, Nitri, 0, Nitra, 2.5, pH 7.6 I tested all tap water 4-5 weeks ago Am 0, Nitri, 0, Nitra 0, ph ? 190 UK litres, it's about 50 US gallons Master test kit API drops Water temp 76 It's been running about 2 months Internal filter juwel 3.0 90% w/c on Monday. I do weekly w/c 90%, also midweek 30%. I use Seachum prime. My fish eat hikari pellets, fish flakes, Tetra pellets. I blitz veg( broccoli, lettuce, cabbage) with dandy rapashy gel food. I put medifix and pimafix in. Also ich treatment, last few days. No unusual behaviour with my 2 remaining fish. I will keep this tank as a fantail only tank. Also I'm thinking they seem to be fantail and goldfish mix. I don't believe they are true fantails as they move too quickly and their body shapes are longer and not as compact. My local petshop where they came from, had them listed as orandas but they are not. They look like regular gold fish with a fantail.
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