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  1. Koko already mentioned this but Thank You.
  2. Hey! I have a 75 gallon cycled tank I’ve had running for two months now. Home currently to two orandas. I have driftwood, stones, HOB filters, air stone, sand and small gravel. My fish are currently eating frozen foods and repashy gold. I’m really excited about this tank, my smaller oranda completed 6 weeks in QT and has been introduced to the tank. Eating and swimming. My larger oranda Dudley always re-scapes my plants haha. This fish sleeps in my plants every night. I have to get a picture! I need a name for my smaller black and orange oranda. Any suggestions? Currently waiting for a new fish to catch my eye, my hopes are to have 5-6 adults in this tank.
  3. Thank you so much! Makes sense! I'm going to keep reading and looking.
  4. Okay sounds great! As I’ve read this is a huge issue with people skipping this step and losing an entire tank! I’m thinking of buying a clear bin as I’ve seen some people use those for their quarantine tanks! What do you think about that? Heavy filtration and I’ve read about quasiprantle? I probably butchered that lol! Any tips on how long?
  5. Thank you! I am very excited but I’ve had the tank about a month now sitting empty and I will definitely be heading into this slowly because I want a great environment for whatever fish I do end up buying as well as a great tank.
  6. Thank you so much! Rocks are a good idea to keep roots down. I really haven't even designed how I want this tank to be and I haven't bought anything so I'm excited to keep researching and see where this project will go. Examining fish are important because they are so beautiful but I would hate to buy sick fish.
  7. Thank you! I must have been so tired last night I missed these! Do you prefer a bare bottom tank with some drift wood plants? I feel like thats the way to go with goldfish as they are so messy. Any pointers on buying fancy goldfish?
  8. Hey guys! So I bought my first big tank, and I'm considering doing a planted tank with fancy goldfish. Right now I just have the tank sitting, it has nothing in it. It is a blank canvas! I have kept bettas my whole life because I do planted, low-tech nano tanks around 5 gallons. This is my first time wanting to try and keep goldfish so I need help planning proper substrate, plants recommended, hardscape, filtration. I haven't bought anything other than the tank and the stand from petsmart which was $200 off! so only $299! I am very excited about this! Suggestions and comments please!!1
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