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  1. hey- unfortunately 2/5 of my fish have actually died i just tested my parameters, everything in normal range other than nitrates but i’m changing the water regularly i just want to do the best i can for the others now,
  2. forgot to add, she has extremely bulbous eyes (like OUT her head) and what i can only describe as a pot belly?? from the same tank as the other fishies, could these be signs of physical disability? i got her cos i thought it was kinda cute but idk 😕
  3. i know this sounds like a stupid question but i’m worries and don’t know what to do!! i bought 4 goldfish yesterday and they all seem to be fine so i don’t think it’s a water issue however my little black fish dolly is being really weird, staying at the bottom of the tank (usually in far corner) floating upside down/on her side, very jerky movements and erratic twitches etc, sometimes doing a random v fast jerky loop the loop thing, am i doing something wrong? is she just adjusting to her new environment? it doesn’t seem very normal :( im very worried any advice appreciated
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