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  1. Thank you! It's so hard to find reliable information 😆 I will make the pond more shallow!
  2. Oh, it's just that I have read that for single tail goldfish it should be more than 20 gallons, some people say 40, other people say even 75 gallons for each comet goldfish so that's why I decided to ask.
  3. Hello! I am building this indoor pond/aquarium in my living room, and it will have 230cm x 70cm x 80cm (or 91'' x 28'' x 31''). My question is, as full grown adults, how many shubunkin and comet goldfish can I comfortably put in this tank? I wanted to put 6 comets in it, is that reasonable? Right now I have 2 shubunkin and 2 comet babies (6cm or so) in an outdoor mini pond, 80 gallons (310 litres). They will be moved to the indoor tank, but i wanted to get two more. Thank you!
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