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  1. Been mega busy lately with fish stuff and life in general. Removed a damaged eye for a friend's koi today then came home and did my tank maintenance. Ordered some aqaurium lights for a planted tank I'm setting up, meds for spring scheduled treatments, and fish food. Also picked up some more materials for the big tank build coming up. It was a long day, so glad its over.
  2. Synodontis eupterus. Common names are featherfin Cat or squeaker cat. This one is about 9.5 inches and probably female. (Females get bigger and have pot bellies and egg tube) its been a fun fish to watch so far. How come cleaning a tank always makes a mess of it? Lol Got a measure of her before she settled in. Chunky girl
  3. We all do what we find works for us and our fish. No criticism from me. When my fancies go out in the spring and summer i provide very little food. Might only feed them once a week because they get all they need from the pond for the most part. But it gets too cold to leave fancies out here in winter. The way I choose to feed is intended to have them well conditioned to go back out after a winter spent in a bleak holding tank. My desire is the biggest, healthiest and most vibrant fish I can get. Its worked well for us in the past so its just how we do it. If your way is producing big beautiful happy healthy GF for you where you are then carry on with the great work. ^_^ nothin but love dear.
  4. There are benifits to feeding fresh fruits and veggies. Vitamin C being the first that comes to mind. Most fish don't manufacture it for themselves and need it from their diet. Plus offering foods of different flavors and textures is a way of enriching their environment. Aside from the gelfood I use as a staple, my guys get a quality pellet, cut up market shrimp, oranges, bananas, apples, pealed grapes, shelled peas, broccoli, zucchini, spinach in rotation. Not because the staple isn't good enough. Its a fantastic food. But variety is the spice of life lol. Plus all those veggie offerings keeps them less likely to eat my live plants. Benifit number two atleast.
  5. I drove an hour north to help a fellow fish lover with a goldfish problem. One of her fish had been floating upside down for several months. She had done everything she could find online to do and nothing was helping. When I got there I realized the poor fish had a large deep tissue tumor that was begining to show on the surface. Not much we can do for that sadly. I showed her how to euth with clove oil and helped her say goodbye. This wonderful lady also rehomed a beautiful catfish with me. So we brought him home and settled into quarentine. Wish I could have done more for the goldfish tho. What did you do today? Have you been up to anything fishy? Lol
  6. Ponds are better for them but i can't keep fancies outside during winter here. They get pond time in the spring and summer. GF aren't the only thing i keep tho.
  7. Good luck! I have alot of pratice at referbing old tanks. Its half the fun of keeping fish lol
  8. I feel like its easier to maintain a big tank than it is a smaller one as long as its properly balanced and not over stocked. Between heavy filtration and planting and stocking at 20-30 gallons per for any fish over 4inches, water parameters stay pretty pristine. Volume helps. Plus it makes room for them to grow big. My largest fancies are 9 and 9.4 inches. Water changes are a snap too. My fishroom floor is sloping concrete and i have hoses. Lol. No buckets
  9. Score! Going to go pick up another 125 for $100 tmrw. Going to reseal that bad boy and pretty it up! I get almost as excited about starting and finishing a new project as I do about getting new fish! Any one else got something they're working on?
  10. Just my 2 cents worth, but anything alive is not a good carnival prize. "Congratulations! You won a bag of responsibility and extra expenses!" Fish are expensive and simi complicated to care for properly. giving them to some one who isnt ready for that is just cruel.
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