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  1. I have a display tank of mixed strains of males. I love the colidiscope of colors. Starting a breeding project for a few show grade strains tho. I like the thai red dragons, japan blue mosaics, snows, and purple moscows.
  2. I finished building a stand to stack 2- 20g long tanks for some of my show grade guppies. Got some nice el diablos in recently and the colors are coming in nice!
  3. 4-5yrs. The guy who bred him turns out some amazing fish.
  4. I will get one today. I have been running hard all day. I was doing chores waiting for him to be delivered. Then as soon as he was settled I had to go run errands, come home finish painting my daughter's room, right now I'm waiting to pick her up and then I have more chores to finish when I get home. I love spring but I hate how busy it is lol
  5. He's here! What a monster. Big as a softball
  6. Yup! UPS tracking shows he is in transit and scheduled to be delivered by 10:30am tmrw. I've got a 55 gallon quarantine already cycled for him. Can't wait to meet him in person. I've only watched that video like a million times lol
  7. Will be here this tuesday if all goes well. I've had good experience with this breeder's shipping methods in the past so I'm less worried about mishaps.
  8. I've bought imports and high quality GF from a few different sources over the years and I have to say I like Bo's the best. King Koi & GF was not a good experience. the fish they sent me didn't last 5 months and I never got them out of quarentine. They had infections, parasites, kidney failure... They were expensive and I spent the whole time I had them fighting to keep them alive. I still have the first fish bought from Bo yrs ago.
  9. Which one? He has a few fish of my dreams I just can't afford them all lol.
  10. https://zhaosfancies.com/online-goldfish-shop
  11. No very simple care and they're good for clean up and most algea control. Will breed pretty readily in most water parameters.
  12. He was bred by Bo Zhao. I check his site every week to see if he has anything I fall in love with. He usually has something jaw dropping when I dont have the money lol.
  13. Ain't he cute! What a little dumpling! ...well at 6in he's a bit of a big dumpling lol. Can't wait until he gets here!
  14. ....BLUE!!! Lol scored these from a local aquarium club member for a good deal. You can see them from across the room!
  15. I see potential in him to become something stunning. He (or she) is very young tho. There may be color changes as he settles into good water and better feedings. My daughter named him Mikey lol
  16. Picked this little one up from one of the better LFSs in the area today. He's a little weedy looking but we will see how he looks after quarantine and a good worming. A few weeks on a recovery diet will do him some good too.
  17. 2 sponges. The other is hidden behind the plants. I test parameters daily and do a 90% water change twice a week. The second WC isnt entirely need but thats just my routine. These guys are are so big and have such heavy finnage that high flow filtration creates too much current for them. They spend all their time bottom sitting and their fins get ripped up when i use any thing stronger. Plus sponges are efficent filtration/aeration, they are quiter, and they're cheaper to run per month. I have several tanks and found that switching most of them over to sponge filters knocked about $50 off my power bill.
  18. 6ft long and 18 or 19 inches deep I think. Been a while since I measured. Its an old tank .
  19. Thank you! These guys are all older fish tho the youngest one in there is like 7 or 8yrs. That black and wht one is 12 lol. The all black one is going black and red. Got him from zhao's fancies a long while back. He's been a beautiful and very healthy fish. Zhao usually has similar black telescopes for sale every week. Decent price for a high quality fish.
  20. I have several goldfish but these 6 are my favs so I brought them out of the fish room back into the house a few days ago. I like having them upstairs so much more.
  21. Its a pretty simple procedure. Took less than 3 minuets once the fish was sedated. I checked on him last night around 7pm and my friend said he was more active and seemed more comfortable than he had been in weeks. Wound sight looked pretty good, no unusual swelling or signs of infection. Hopefully in about 2 wks he can go back into his permanent enclosure. Its so hard to resist a good selection isn't it! Cool of the manager to give you some freebie tho.
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