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  1. I have a black moor with another fancy goldfish in a 20gal. Recently, my black moor has not really been eating and has started to float around the tank in a ‘C’ shape. She’s been laying against my plants to rest. i don’t have my water parameters as my test kit ran out but I know I have missed a water change. I am planning on doing a 80% water change but I’m unaware if she’d be able to handle such a drastic change in water quality. I’m currently running a sponge filter big enough for a 60gal.
  2. Will do. I'm so concerned about them gulping at the surface because my black moor has now began to stay at the surface, having a hard time swimming downwards.
  3. I have ordered the General Cure. Unfortunately, it'll arrive in 2 weeks. I did end up fasting them, just in case and have begun feeding them peas starting this morning. Since then, they haven't gone up to the surface once, I know I can't feed them peas forever so I'll also be looking into a brand of food that has a lower protein content etc. I know that this probably won't be the case, but I'm hoping that it is just constipation. But I'll be prepared for when the General Cure arrives. They have seemed much happier after being fed peas- swimming actively instead of rushing to the top or resting at the bottom.
  4. Will do, thank you🙂 Today I spotted that my fantail had a long poop hanging from it, around 2 inches in length but it was normal coloured and had a few air bubbles in it. But then my fantail ate the whole thing and never spat it back out and then went back to having clear poop. I feed them 3-4 pellets twice a day, I'm pretty sure I'm not over feeding them.
  5. I never started those medications, I opted for the Epsom salt treatment instead due to it being apparently safer. Where I live, I can only find the General Cure- which I will be looking into getting. The Epsom salt treatment did perk them up a lot and they aren't bottom sitting anymore but I was unsure if I could continue the treatment for longer than 5 days. Before I get the General Cure I may give them both an Epsom salt dip and finish my rounds of praziquantel before I put anything else into the tank as they're still gasping at the surface every now and then.
  6. They're doing a little better, I've finished the Epsom salt treatment but they're poop is now a very light brown- it looks almost clear sometimes but can be seen on the white sand. I have to separate them when feeding because my fantail is a bully so I don't know if it could be due to a little stress because that and my filter. My black moor has a deformed anal fin and my fantail's upper lobes on its caudal fin are a little fused, giving him a butterfly tail - he seems to handle the flow of the filter much better though.
  7. I've started the Epsom salt treatment since it's apparently safer, if they're still not doing great I'll try metronidazole. Thank you. I've also began dosing the tank with praziquantel again. The poor little guys have begun to bottom sit every so often but I think that may be due to the flow of my internal filter- sadly, I cannot adjust the flow.
  8. I did in between 7-9 rounds, treating the whole tank when I did a w/c.
  9. I seem to have gotten myself into a bit of a pickle by taking on some sick goldies. I have a black moor and a fantail in a 20g (I'm aware this is too small but they're only 2in at the moment and I'm looking for something bigger) with 2 sponge filters and an internal filter. Surprisingly, my water quality is pretty good, I do an 80-90% w/c every 5 days. When I first got them, they were suspected to have gill flukes and I treated them for it with praziquantel. However, they still gasp at the surface. Over the past few weeks, I've noticed that their poop has turned clear/white- I feed them soaked saki hikari purple bag as a staple and peas before I do a w/c. I'm pretty new to this hobby and have found out that white poop can sometimes be a sign of internal parasites. Would it be wise to medicate their food with praziquantel? If so, what dosage should I use? Other than the gasping at the surface and white poop they seem fine and still love their food. Any advice would be accepted as I don't want to end up losing the little guys. Thank you in advance.
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