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  1. Okay I will do that! does it make a difference that they are “silk” plants? im concerned without some form of coverage it will be stressful for the fish
  2. Okay, I think you’re right I propbably overfed. I will stick to a daily 50% water change from now on and keep a close eye on the water parameters. Would you recommend leaving the substrate alone for these water changes or is it best to clean the gravel or should I just remove the gravel and artificial plants? thank you again for the much needed advice, as I’m sure it’s obvious I’m not very experienced.
  3. Hi Shakaho, Thank you for your feedback. I placed him in a smaller container to get a better look and to my horror noticed blood streak in his tail fin. Please refer to attached photos. Retested the tank water and it appears 0.25-0.5 ammonia, 0 nitrite, and 0 nitrate. I feel terrible, as I suspect I messed up my cycle with a 50% water change and partial gravel cleaning I did about 3 days ago. But is this likely if the tank was properly cycled? The faint white spot on his head is less of an immediate concern now since I’m realizing he is likely suffering from the ammonia. I have dosed with Prime, but now I face the problem of potentially having to re-cycle my quarantine tank... Could I use Tetra Safestart Plus to help reset the cycle? is there a water conditioner that effectively dechlorinates water but won’t conflict with the TSS?
  4. Hi, I have had this little comet for a little over two weeks and he/she is quarantined in a 10 gal with a filter good for 20 gals, which I’ve been monitoring. water parameters appear good except pH was 8 when I tested earlier. please see the attached videos, I tried to capture the white spot on the head as best as I could. It doesn’t seem fluffy like fungus, it doesn’t look red/bloody like a lesion, and there are no visible small white spots anywhere else. behavior seems typical- eating, foraging, swimming around a lot unless resting at night. does swim to the walls and corners sometimes but is not flashing/darting into plants or gravel and not rubbing up on walls. i wonder if the air stone I’ve been struggling to secure beneath the gravel could have caused harm but the fish mostly swims through the bubbles and avoid the stone. im really stumped, any insights would be greatly appreciated. 4357855F-ABA7-4E18-B0BA-893A4135D518.MOV 2595F400-59C4-4531-B9EF-00C82980CC75.MP4
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