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  1. 2 minutes ago, koko said:

    yeah two days of rain. Im so happy hot weather is gone :Dancing:

    Wow really?  Where are you?  I'm in Southern Cali 81 degrees today!

    Can you tell me above the subscriptions and support part of the forums?

  2. Hi Sharon nice to meet you.    I used this Epsom salt formula in the fishies food.  I fed it to them for 5 days.  It did purge them a lot, but I still see the white stringy poo at times and normal movements as well.  I have an open thread on this issue too.

    Should I still be seeing symptoms at the stage?  I've done the Epsom salt and am now on day 6 with the Metroplex food.  I planned to feed them that for two weeks.  Is it anything else I can do?

    Also, what are the side effects of Metroplex?  My fishies colors seem a tad bit duller to me. 


  3. 15 hours ago, mjfromga said:

    They live outside and so they have all the algae and veggie matter that they normally would be able to eat so the pellets are mostly carnivore based. Though if they were indoor, I would add more veggie based pellets.

    And despite me feeding them these, their poops are always a dark green color because they eat way more algae than they do pellet food. I don't feed a lot of pellet food. I also feed Repashy sometimes.

    Some of the pellets float, others sink. My two smelly Comets have bigger mouths and are bigger and faster than my Ryukins. They get most of the floating food and the Ryukins get the sinking food. Those big sticks only the Comets can eat period. 

    All my fish are Tosai by the way, got them as tiny babies last November. None are true adults yet. 

    It's great to hear about the different feeding methods.  Thanks!

  4. Oh yeah! Oh yeah!  I want me a Koko's T-shirt!  I'll get this started!  I'm probably the newest noobie here!

    My story is classic!  I got into fishkeeping when my son was in preschool (now 13 years old!) and he won an inch long Common.  Poor Fish!  I put him in a 1.5 gallon tank.  Duh, small fish small tank!  Didn't know anything about cycling and he died of Ich.

    I'm busy busy taking care of my son who's my only child.  I volunteer lots at my sons school and with the Boyscouts.  I love to have fun and I love goldfish.  It's like taking care of babies all over again!  

  5. Good morning!  I purchased the Metroplex last night and made the food medicine with Repashy Gel.  I read to feed once daily.  Am I only supposed to feed them once a a day while on Metro?  Or feed them Metro and then another food for the other feeding?  Also I stored the left over in the fridge.

    I'm still concerned about  Chum-Chum.  He is still pooping white strings and with only the gel he won't get any veggies.  He looks constipated.  Goldie the one with the big stringy poop is pooping normal now.

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