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  1. I understand this! I pump up the music to get me motivated for water changes! Helps with housework too
  2. Wow really? Where are you? I'm in Southern Cali 81 degrees today! Can you tell me above the subscriptions and support part of the forums?
  3. Awww it's adorable! Like the red!
  4. Hi Sharon nice to meet you. I used this Epsom salt formula in the fishies food. I fed it to them for 5 days. It did purge them a lot, but I still see the white stringy poo at times and normal movements as well. I have an open thread on this issue too. Should I still be seeing symptoms at the stage? I've done the Epsom salt and am now on day 6 with the Metroplex food. I planned to feed them that for two weeks. Is it anything else I can do? Also, what are the side effects of Metroplex? My fishies colors seem a tad bit duller to me. Thanks
  5. Okay. Maybe my fish had a hard time cause of the internal parasites then. Once they get better, I'll choose a good pellet and combine with the rephasy and frozen live food I feed. They've been on the Metromed for 5 day. They're better, but the white poop is still there some.
  6. She's adorable, glad she's getting better.
  7. I'm scared to fed pellets cause they can cause bloatiness and constipation. Do you need to soak them?
  8. It's great to hear about the different feeding methods. Thanks!
  9. Wow that almost looks like a meal I could eat! Gourmet all the way! Spoiled little fishies. Never heard of mixing food like that.
  10. I never heard of that brand. Looks like quality pellets. Thanks
  11. Hahahahahahah I thought maybe they were special pellets with certain medicinal properties LOL!
  12. Nice to meet you as well. Y'all seem like nice peoples😊 What did your 5 year old name them? Wow, 1998 is a long time! Great experience!
  13. Oh yeah! Oh yeah! I want me a Koko's T-shirt! I'll get this started! I'm probably the newest noobie here! My story is classic! I got into fishkeeping when my son was in preschool (now 13 years old!) and he won an inch long Common. Poor Fish! I put him in a 1.5 gallon tank. Duh, small fish small tank! Didn't know anything about cycling and he died of Ich. I'm busy busy taking care of my son who's my only child. I volunteer lots at my sons school and with the Boyscouts. I love to have fun and I love goldfish. It's like taking care of babies all over again!
  14. May I ask, what are Southern Delight pellets and what are they used for?
  15. I'm in the same boat. Three weeks ago got my fish from the same tank and following QT suggestions on the site. It's very helpful. Would have different outcome if it wasn't for this site!
  16. Thanks, good to know. Wow, It's only been a couple of days and they're already getting better on the Metromeds.
  17. Nice tank! I love Betta's too.
  18. Good morning! I purchased the Metroplex last night and made the food medicine with Repashy Gel. I read to feed once daily. Am I only supposed to feed them once a a day while on Metro? Or feed them Metro and then another food for the other feeding? Also I stored the left over in the fridge. I'm still concerned about Chum-Chum. He is still pooping white strings and with only the gel he won't get any veggies. He looks constipated. Goldie the one with the big stringy poop is pooping normal now.
  19. Thanks Koko! I'll pick up the meds tonight!
  20. And you can't really tell from the pics above, but when I pulled out the poo, there was green sections from the Nori I fed last night. Thanks!
  21. Hi MJ! I woke up this morning and found a super long poop in the tank! I couldn't believe it. It was wrapped around a plant three times and has to be 18 inches long! Two sections of it was really stringy, but one part looked liked regular ole... I fed them Sushi Nori last night after a one day fast. Looks the three days of Epsom salted pellets plus one day fast worked. I'm not sure who it was, but I'm putting my money on Goldie. She's been the most symptomatic. There was regular green poo floating around too so hopefully something came from Chum-Chum. Maybe they were constipated from the worms and not necessarily from the food? I hear people talking about how Prazi really makes them expell, but I haven't seen that with them and I'm already on my third round. I actually have not picked up the Metroplex yet. Is it still necessary since they are poopin and everything? They are doing well this morning. Goldie is so much more active now. She is no longer bottom sits at all. Both of them seem really good. The only issue I see now is with Goldie still gulping air at the surface some. Hopefully that will improve with the rest of the Prazi treatments. Here's photos. Not great, but best I could get. Thanks Donetta IMG_3346.MOV
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