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  1. Sounds like a lot of fun. I never been to a fish show.
  2. Hi I need to clean my filters too. I have a sponge and HOB filter. Do you think it'll be ok to squeeze them both out during the same water change?
  3. Hi and good morning y'all. TGIF....was this close to not coming to work today. Wanted to take the day off and clean my tank and take care of other business LOL. But I came to work anyway. Will take care of the stuff this weekend.
  4. Thanks Myra, I'll remove all the salt. Should I do my last scheduled round of the Prazipro once the salt is removed? That would be number 6.
  5. Uh oh!!!!! Sorry, my question started it! Glad your fish 🐟 s better😊
  6. Hi thanks for responding. What's your name or do you go by Artic Mama? Thanks for the info on the stringy poop. I'm doing Metroplex Med food right now. I'm on day 12 will finish out the three weeks. They are no longer bottom sitting. They flashed a lot initially, but hardly ever anymore. I did see Goldie flash once on Monday night, but no more after that. I panicked cause I had not seen them flash in probably 2 plus weeks. I'm on round 5 with Prazipro and will start the final round on Friday. I only have .1% Aq salt in my tank now, Can you clarify, should I just water change the salt out? Then if it's needed i.e. Cause of flashing bring it back up to .3% or .5%. I am concerned about their increased air gulping though and I have plenty aeriation in the tank. The gulping got better, but has now returned. I was double dosing the Prazipro when my Aq salt was .3%, but when I brought it down to .1% on Saturday then I single dosed. I wonder since I put in less Prazipro that they have more symptoms i.e. Air gulping.
  7. I also saw Goldie flashing some last night too.
  8. Okay I'll hold on. Yes, I'm using the liquid Prazipro. Thanks
  9. Hi y'all, I'm concerned about my two fish. They are on their 5th round of Prazi. I dosed number 5 on Saturday and will do the water change tonight. After I dose the Prazi I usually would not see any symptoms from the fish until after 3 days when the meds wear off. However last night Goldie was gulping air a lot and it was only day two since I dosed the Prazi. Goldie has always been more symptomatic. I just realized I changed a few things. For the first four rounds I was double dosing Prazi for each treatment because I had .3% of salt in the water. I kept it at .3% for 3 weeks. Later I read on this forum about how Prazipro should not be used with .3% of salt. So after three weeks I dropped it to .015% of salt and still double dosed, but at this last dose which was 5, I dropped the salt to .1% and used a regular dose of Prazi. I did this because I read Prazipro would not be effective/safe with.3%, but would be ok with up to .02%. I hope y'all are following me. Anyway, I don't know what to do now. I don't know if the gulping is from the flukes or if they have something else like Ich, but with no spots. Also, they both still have white stringy poop. They have been on Metroplex food for 11 days now. Thanks for the help.
  10. It's amazing how they have their own personalities.
  11. That is a bigggg fish! How long have you had Big Boy? I think I'd be scared of him lol. You have awesome tanks with gravel and everything! Yeah you guys are cool peoples! My day was good just lounging around now. Winding down for work tomorrow. Hope you had a good day too.
  12. That sounds overwhelming to loose such a big amount of fish. I'd probably would have taken a break too. Having fish problems all the time is not fun. I hope my two babies can pull through. I see lots of people are switching over to Cichlids. With all the losses I know you you have a lot to share with others. Thanks for being willing to do that. I have lots to learn.
  13. How come you didn't try again with the Goldies?? What do you love about your new fish?
  14. Wow big tanks! I plan to go big in a year or so. I hear Chiclids are very smart. Here to pick up my son now. Back to reality πŸ˜‚
  15. Yes I'm loving my free time! My son is 13 years old and he's on a Campout with the Boyscouts. You have kids? Funny I really enjoy the water changes too. It's one of the times I feel really connected to my wish πŸ˜‚ only a fellow fish keeper would understand that.
  16. Hi there and good morning! I'm so glad it's Saturday. My son is on a Campout for the weekend so I get some free mommy time! Bout to clean my tank. Prazi round number 5. Everything is moving along.
  17. It's good getting to know you and everyone else. We're from Missouri, but I've lived here since I was about 5 years old. It's all warm and fuzzy here. You got something special going on with this site. I never really got involved on forums before because it always seemed to distant for me. You must be feeling better since you posted. No worries on the slow posts we all have busy lives. Sometimes I refer to myself as " Slo, but show". Which means I may be slow about it, but you can count on me to get it done. Thanks for being here😊
  18. Oregon vs Cali sounds like night and day weather. I heard it's really beautiful in Oregon. Really green. I didn't understand what the subscriptions are for, but later I read they keep the forum going. I subscribed. I think the forum is invaluable 😊.
  19. Very Artistic! I'm curious, what's your stocking plan? Adding more babies?
  20. It is something strangely satisfying in getting all the gunk out!
  21. That's terrible. Sorry about your fish Myra . I've been paranoid about sucking up my fish with the siphon. I better put the netting on it. Just haven't gotten around to it.
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