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  1. Added pothos to my filter , some java moss on rocks , Anubias , duckweed and water sprite 33344B93-37E7-4F47-A277-6F00D9C7F23A.MP4
  2. Ones a black and red Oranda and the other is a calico ryukin 08931F47-6FA0-4CFC-ABA4-A3A706D6C028.MOV
  3. Hey there ! Had started cyclimg the beginning of July ! You actually helped me on a previous post around August 15th . I had No nitrite readings then now they are off the charts along with nitrate . I have Been dozing t with ammonia to around 3 ppm eveth day so i probably Am overdoing it then . I changed 70 percent of the water just now going to see what that does in a couple hours .
  4. Been cycling my tank for what feels like forever . Been dosing tank to between 2 -3 ppm ammonium chloride everyday and it drops to zero 9 hours later . Wondering if these levels all look alright . I think im just waiting for the nitrite eating bacteria to develop ? This is my first time
  5. Been cycling this tank for about a month recently started using seachem stability and am finally seeing readings . Wondering what to do at this point ? Do i wait Until ammonia drops and then dose the tank with ammonia to keep it steady until the next bacteria grow . Or do i do A water change . Seems like my nitrite levels are high I’ve read that can stall a cycle . Any pointers appreciated I’m a newbie
  6. Unfortunately i dont Have another tank or access to media . I am Using seachem prime . As my conditioner . I think Initially i overdosed And my second time trying after a water change and lower ammonia levels i added Bacteria but not enough ammonia for them to feed on . I now Have my tank dosed to around 4 ppm and am using seachem stability every day
  7. Need help with fishless cycle . Started a month ago using ammonia . Overdosed my tank to almost 8ppm with no activity whatsoever . After about two weeks with nothing going on i consulted a lfs employee . They told be to do a large water change to get my ammonia to about 2.5 ppm . I got myself down to that level after a water change and added dr tims one and only to hopefully get something going on . It’s now been another week and ammonia is still at 2.5 and no readings for nitrite . I just bought some seachem stability and am thinking of staring to use that . Do i meed to add ammonia during this process ? Should i have a higher ammonia level or is 2.5 to low to get this started . Please help !
  8. Here’s what i have Going on right now just waiting for my bacteria to be right
  9. It’s a cheap tank . I bought it to save my daughters goldfish from a bowl at her mums house . After the fish sadly passed away i researched A ton and have gotten really into this as a hobby ! I’m cycling my tank now and excited to get fish . I wish I had Bought the 40 gallon breeder i want Now from the beginning but after investing in this tank i want To keep it for a bit . I’ve uprgraded everything filter wise lighting is really my last thing i want To address as I’m digging the live plant thing
  10. I was going to buy a 24” Finnex stingray led light . And just leave it topless . I tried buying a hinged glass top but it didn’t fit . The tank i have Is super cheap . Grreat choice is the brand I guess the measurements were off by very little
  11. It has a strip of 4 separate little lights the little light says 3w
  12. I plan On getting a 40 gallon breeder in the near future . So i dont Want to go crazy spending on this tank . I’m running an aqua clear 70 and a sponge filter in my 20 gallon now . After researching and buying different things and throwing out the junk that came with this aquarium kit i figured The lighting was also garbage
  13. Thanks for responding , I’m planning on keeping this tank for 8 months or so just wasn’t sure if the cheap plastic hood with the strip of leds that came with the tank were going to be sufficient . I’ve been getting really into this and of course I’ve been spending a ton of money haha .
  14. Hey there ! New to fishkeeping currently cycling my tank in prep for a goldfish . It’s a 20 tall . I have A piece of spider wood i tied Some java fern on and some Anubias . I only have the hood and less my aquarium came with but i plan To take it off and have no top . Been looking at different lights and don’t know what direction to go . I’d like to maybe add some more plants in the future but nothing crazy ! Not looking to spend 200 dollars . Wondering if the Finnex and nicrew lights around 40 bucks are worth it
  15. Hey , new to this site . Recently got interested in goldfish keeping . I have A 20 gallon tall aquarium with an aqua clear 70 and a sponge filter . Plan on getting two small fancy goldfish . Wondering how quickly they will grow , how long they can be kept in this tank as I’m aware it’s a little small . Hoping to get a 55 within the year
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