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  1. Oh yes I definitely will, thank you!
  2. Thank you so much, I know I'm asking so many questions - you are being wonderfully helpful! I'm going to start treating him right away.
  3. Ok, I think that may be a good idea to dose the tank anyway because apparently kanamycin works better on internal infections when absorbed through the skin. That and the last time I used it he stopped eating for a few days. By measure do you mean one scoopful like in this picture for example:
  4. That's really good news, I think I had better start it now. I'm unsure about what dosage to use though, the only information I can find is from the manufacturer. I have been trying to find a dosage by weight table like you mentioned but I can only find one for dosing the water and not by mouth.
  5. Oh I see, thank you for explaining. I really hope he can make it, the focus and polyguard could arrive by the 6th of dec. At the rate he is swelling up, i'm unsure he will last that long. I think the problem with the kanaplex last time was I pulled it out too early because I didn't see results and I got scared it was making him sick. I dosed the tank every other day for 6 days (7th nov - 11th nov) but I think I needed to carry it on for longer. But yes, I see what you are saying, there is no point in using it on it's own because the bacteria will just come back stronger. At the moment the tank is clear of any medication, while I wait for the antibiotics to arrive is there anything I should use to try and keep it at bay, such as aquarium salt? Or will it just do more harm than good? I won't be keeping fish after he has passed, he has been my only fish for many years. When I was a teenager I had several other goldfish that sadly passed because I didn't understand how to keep fish. I used to wash the whole tank & filter with soap 😣 He was the lone survivor. I'm going to miss him 😕
  6. Sorry i'm a bit confused, did you mean focus and kanaplex, polyguard and kanaplex, or all three? I will see how he goes, but he is swelling up fast and starting to act lethargic again so I think I may have to act. The polyguard will also take a few weeks to arrive so if I do have to treat him all I have is kanaplex.
  7. The focus and kanaplex? Can I start the kanaplex early or should I wait until the focus arrives? - I already have kanaplex, but the focus could take a few weeks to arrive.
  8. Thank you, I will get Focus. I found Polyguard which contains malachite green, sulfa, quinacrine, and nitrofurazone. I'm not sure if that would be any good or not because of all the extra ingredients, but I saw that it had nitrofurazone in it. Should I get that too? Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge with me, I would be absolutely lost otherwise!
  9. Yes please, that would be amazing as I can't seem to find a table myself. I can't find anywhere that will sell furan 2 or Triple sulfa to the UK They will take several weeks to arrive but I can get Seachem Focus, Neoplex, Metroplex or Marcyn two - those are the only others I know about. Would any of those be ok to use after the Kanaplex?
  10. He has been slowly swelling back up again, I have been trying to treat with esha 2000 to no avail. I'm going to try kanaplex again but this time by mouth. I'll add 1 measured spoon to 1 tbsp gel food and feed him a mouthful everyday for a week. I think the kanaplex worked last time but it was slow to show results. It made him ill last time, but thinking about it antibiotics usually make me feel ill too. I am worried because I have read it can cause kidney damage if overused. Which antibiotic should I purchase to try if this one fails?
  11. I think he is getting better! The swelling has really gone down, and he is more lively. I'm not celebrating yet because I know it could still get worse again, but this is good right
  12. I couldn't do it. I changed 80% of the water because I suspected the antibiotic was making him worse, in the morning he had improved. He is active and eating again. But I know, if antibiotics don't work, he is still going to die. I just can't bring myself to do it yet. I know I will have to, but I don't think he is ready yet. Maybe I am in denial because it is such a hard thing to do.
  13. Ok, that is how I will do it. Thank you so much, for all of your help.
  14. Apparently if a fish is bigger than 4 inches clove oil won't kill them, and I think he is bigger than 4 inches. It will knock him out, but is he going to wake up again?😰 Once his gills stop moving is he definitely dead?
  15. He isn't swimming properly, he keeps floating to the side and trying to right himself and then floating again. Today when I fed him he tried to eat it, but spat most of it out. I have been researching humane euthanasia. I have come across the clove oil method. Some people say to freeze the fish after the clove oil, some people say use vodka. I don't know which is more humane. I couldn't bare it if he woke up because I didn't do something properly.
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