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  1. I've been doing 25% water changes twice daily, what i'm worried about is that it might put too much stress on the tank if I take out 50% all at once. In the manual it specifically says ONLY change 25% of the water. It doesn't say why. I've never had an acrylic tank before (i'm assuming it's acrylic - it's not glass) so I don't know that much about it. I'm guessing it could crack or weaken over time if I took 50% out all at once. I moved the filter to the new tank when I moved him so all is well with the bacteria. My parameters are as follows: PH 7.0 Ammo 0 Nitrite 0 Nitrate 0 - 5 KH 17.9 GH 35.8 KH and GH still confuse me, when adding the KH drops the water was yellow from the first drop, never blue. And the GH was only a tiny bit orange on the first drop and then green on the second drop. What do these readings mean, and should I add anything to the water to fix it because I know they are both way too low. His broken fin is still on the mend but a few veins have been showing up, they won't show up well on camera but i've included a picture and circled where they are. I'm a little worried that the same thing that happened to his tail has started happening on his anal fin, a vein became visible and at the end of it is a lump that sticks out. And here's one of him cheerfully swimming around in his new home
  2. Yes he's still looking good and his fins are still healing well. His new tank finally arrived yesterday so I got him in it as soon as I could. It says on the manual that I should only do 25% water changes, should I just do two of them a day?
  3. Well it's great to have so much fantastic advice to follow Thank you all so much, he seems to be healing really well, i'm so relieved!
  4. Sorry I was panicking because I thought it was a sign he was really sick. Thank you that has cleared up the worries I had about using it for too long. He has been continuing to eat with no problems and it seems absolutely crazy to me but his top fin has almost fully healed. I'll let you know if he gets any worse, thanks for your help!
  5. There are no ornaments left in the tank that he could catch himself on and shouldn't his immune system be getting stronger because I've been doing water changes daily? The bleeding was on both sides, the image in which his tail is bleeding was taken when he broke his tail. The other images were taken more recently ( about a week later ). I will continue to do the water changes and add the salt then. I read that you shouldn't use it for too long, how long is too long? A month? I've just taken some more recent pictures so you can see how badly his fins are fraying. Thank you for your help
  6. His tail fin has torn now, i'm getting really worried. What could this be and how do I treat it?
  7. I've just noticed his top fin has split, it must have only just happened. How could it have happened? Does this change anything? I've included a picture so you can see how his tail is healing as well.
  8. When should I stop using the salt and doing the daily water changes? He seems to be healing well so far.
  9. Yes I have some kitchen scales, do you think the salt will weight the same? I'm sorry if it's a silly question I just don't want to make any mistakes.
  10. Ok I'll do that, should I add the same amount? The kosher salt grains are much smaller.
  11. Here's a picture of the salt i've been using, it turned the water yellow because it has some yellow powder mixed in with it. For some reason it's about 10 times the price to buy that in the UK
  12. No I haven't used it yet, i'm still a little scared it might have something in it that they didn't list in the ingredients and i'm not sure if I should add the same amount as aquarium salt or not.
  13. Brilliant, that will save me a lot of money too. It's never gone cloudy before though and it has been running for quite a while now. It only occurred after I put the salt in. Could it be because the aquarium salt I used wasn't just plain salt? It has a PH buffer in it too, it didn't list the ingredients but it says on the packet that it's medicinal and at first it turned the water yellow.
  14. Thats ok, thank you for linking it, it was very helpful. I've had to take the concentration down to 0.1% today because I didn't have enough salt left for 0.3%. I have some kosher salt and it claims to only contain salt, Would that be safe to use? He seems to be doing well today, no behavioral changes and he is still eating like a little piggy. A little red blood spot has re-appeared on his tail, i'm not sure why? The water became really cloudy a few hours ago, I changed 40 liters to try and get it clear but it's still cloudy. Could it be a bacterial bloom or a die off? - that's the only thing I know of that does that. And the last thing is the algae went crazy overnight, there were weird brown splotches all over the glass this afternoon.
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