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  1. You dont need to , its a sump so the water is falling from the tank in the sump and then pumped back in the main tank .I just change about 75 % of the main tank once a week and rinse/change the wool in the overflow compartment .
  2. The tank is 140 x 65 x 60 cm , the sump also contains about 20 gallons of water . The filter is an simple sump I made out of an old aquarium , the water falls into an overflow compartment in the right corner of the main tank trough filter wool where the mechanical filtration takes place to keep the sump clean , the water then falls on filter pads into the first compartment and then goes trough the other compartments filled with mostly Siporax in two sizes as you see in the picture , I swapped some of it recently for biohome filter media, in the last compartment an Eheim pump brings the water back up. The sera filter next to it had a co2 reactor on it but I exchanged that for an old but bigger Eheim external filter and removed the co2 altogether, I use liquid co2 ( easy carbo ) now .
  3. Little update , pixel turned pretty much all black on her body some months ago . But lately she is getting some orange/gold back , she has become a really big girl now .
  4. Sorry I didn't see the reactions earlier . The tank is a little over 140 gallon , add another 35 gallon for the bio filter, the fish are much , really much bigger now and started to eat the plants like no tomorrow, I have some stronger plants now and less :) The Tri color Oranda turned almost all black later on but the head remained white , strangely now she is turning back to gold again on the belly . I will post update pics later .
  5. Oh , I already like him the way he is. I'm not the biggest fan of some of the hunchbacks I sometimes see so if he stays the same but only bigger I'm perfectly fine .
  6. Thanks. A three dollar and ten cents Ryukin it is then , it's a keeper ! lol
  7. It's the smallest one in my tank , bought six weeks ago from the pet shop . Was around 2 inch when I bought it but has grown over an inch in 6 weeks .
  8. As I bought this one at the pet shop and they sell everything under the " goldfish " name , what kind is this ?
  9. Hi, My Goldfish tank actually is my old 150 gallon saltwater Riff aquarium that I had for over 17 years . I kept the sump but instead of protein skimmers I glued compartments in there for an old fashioned bio filter and had angelfish in there for a couple of years and now Fancy goldfish . The Eheim 1050 is replaced with a 1060 to keep the tank clear because Goldfish are pigs , the Tetra filter is replaced with an old Eheim Professional 2229 I stil had , I use a co2 reactor on it for plant growth . One of those 20 gallon Superfish tanks for quarantine .
  10. Kingyo Ho Grow and Vitality ,Kingyo Color Plus ,Kinyo Vital balance ,Medigold standard , Hikari Lionhead,HS Spirulina pellets , sometimes Peas , frozen white mosquito and frozen artemia .
  11. In that same time my other Oranda is rapidly losing it's last black colour I just discovered , I didn't notice this before . Maybe they are trading !
  12. Hello, This Oranda that I bought about 5 weeks ago is perfectly healthy , has spawned eggs last week with my even newer new big male orange Oranda that was just released in the big tank after quaratine, is very active and eats a lot . I know that they can turn color but there is about two weeks between these two pictures , it looks like just the red is turning black as I hope she will keep her light pinkish head color . This is normal , right ?
  13. Those little Ryukins are awesome !
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