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  1. Definitely ! When I see my fish happy and healthy it really makes everything you do for them worth the effort. I'll definitely check out your blog. Thanks Sent from my HUAWEI VNS-L22 using Tapatalk
  2. Hey guys So I've made a gel food for my Cichlids in the passed and that went great but I'm fairly new to keeping goldfish and wanted to try my hand at making some gel food my juvenile red capped Orandas. As with all my fish I keep I always want the best for them so I wanted my amazing goldfish to have an excellent diet so I opted for gel food which I've read is great for goldfish health and growth. So after doing research on what foods are good for goldfish I decided to improvise with what I could find from various supermarkets that was available. Living in south Africa it sometimes is hard to locate certain products such as Repashy etc... So this is my recipe 200grams hake fish 100grams cocktail shrimp 3 raw eggs 400grams kale (steamed) 130grams red bell peppers (steamed) 130grams butternut (steamed) 100grams carrots (raw) 200grams frozen peas (skins removed) 2 small red apples (these apples were tiny lol) 1.5 teaspoons paprika 3 tablespoons spirulina powder 4 tablespoons Agar Agar Garlic (5cm x 5cm x 1cm block which I had previously liquidised and froze so all I did was put the block on the stove and added a bit of water which made it like a sauce texture) And 1.5litres of water So all the fish, shrimp and veggies were steamed except for the carrots, peas and apples. I added the peppers and carrots first into the blender to make certain it was liquidised properly. Then the peas, butternut, and apples, then I slowly added the fish and shrimp. Note: I kept all water that the veggies were steamed in to add to the blender to help blend into a pulp. I then added the kale. After all was blended portion by portion since there was more than I expected, I emptied into a big dish, which I then sprinkled the paprika and spirulina powder powder over and folded it into the mixture. I then drizzled the garlic over the mixture and gave it a good mix before adding 1/3 of the mixture back into the liquidiser. I did this for the rest of the mixture and then poured it back into a large container. Note: it took about 500ml distilled water to get it to a good texture. Then on the stove I added 3.5 cups of distilled water and brought it up to a boil. Once water was boiling I turned heat to low and mixed in the Agar Agar, this turned thick quite fast. After the agar agar was dissolved I added it to the blended ingredients. I then used a hand blender to blend in the agar agar properly and also to make sure there wasn't any chunks of ingredients still present. After the agar agar was blended in properly into the mixture I spread on two large baking trays to about 1.5/2cm thick and I let cool off and set at room temperature. Once mixture felt like jelly to the touch I then popped it into the fridge over night to set in properly. Next day I just cut into blocks around 1cm X 1cm. I put two portions into zip lock bags, one had a weeks worth of food in it and the other about a months worth of food in it, the rest I stored in a air tight food storage container for prolonged freshness and popped into the freezer for use later. So yesterday morning I fed my red capped Orandas the food and at first they were confused for they were used to eating from the surface and this food sank to the bottom. But by the next day they got the hang of it and they literally look so savage going at the blocks of gel food and attacking it like they have never seen food in their lives lol haha. But I'm just glad they enjoying the food and I noticed that my big Oranda doesn't struggle with floating neither does he go quiet in the corner of the tank after eating but now he remains so active even after a good feeding of this gel food. Very impressed. I want to say thanks to kokos forum and the members for giving me some insight on what types of foods I could add into my gel food recipe enabling me to create my own personal recipe. Thanks guys ! Much appreciated ! Sent from my HUAWEI VNS-L22 using Tapatalk
  3. I wanted to know if adding shrimp and hake fish fillet I bought from our local meat market is okay to add into a gel food recipe as the meat source of nutrition ? Sent from my HUAWEI VNS-L22 using Tapatalk
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