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  1. I gave them too much to eat unfortunately.Now i am not overfeeding them like before...my mistake
  2. At them moment i did 30% changes in the big thank every day and the watter is much clearer.In the big tank is only the ancistrus now
  3. The filter in diversa claro 1000
  4. They live in the big aquarium but now they are in the lil one bcz i treat them with sera omnipur for a couple of days.yes that poop is from them
  5. The hospital tank where they are now: no3-5 no2-0,5
  6. No test for ammonia water temp: 27 degrees tank running for 2 months I change 30 % twice a week Last water change a day before the problem(2 days ago) 70% water change bcz of algae fish size aprox 4 inches i use tap water with sera toxivet i feed my fish twice a day sinking pellets and once a week peas fish added a day before this happened ancistrus-4-5 inches. Fish are like in the photo but now in the new tank they stay at the bottom but eating. is my tank still cicled?I did today 30% watter change it still smels but not like yesterday i tested it again and nitrate:10-15 nitrite:1 Do i do a 100% watter change and clean the filter.I have easy start that i can use
  7. Hello.I have a 45 g tank and 2 goldfish.I had a problem with algae i think the light was to powefull and i changed 75% of the watter scrub the aquarium and washed the filter.The next day the watter smelled very bad and the fish were in terrible shape.Now i have them in quarantine with sera omnipur.The black moor has some scales missing and is in bad shape.They eat and they are active.Will they be ok?And what do i do with my aquarium.Do i start the cicle again?i also have a ancistrus but he is ok ph-8 kh-10 gh-4,2 tc-0 no2-2 no3-10
  8. I am from Romania.i have marine salt.The fish is ok.Do i leave him like this and see how he looks after a few days?I dont see anything that i could get out from him right now.just scales missing and a ugly growth.weird.I am so upset i did not saw this at the pet store.Is he an oranda?
  9. Also can you tell me if he is a fancy goldfish or a oranda?he is 4 inches
  10. Ok thank you.But do i leave him like this?i dont see nothing that i can get out.
  11. I took this out.And the thing that remain i dont know what it is.it has the same colour as the fish.
  12. I did not say anything ab the watter bcz i bought the fish like this so it has nothing to do with my watter. 45 gallon tank cicled with one black moor one glass fish(bcz the other died) and this oranda. no ammonia test i cant find where i live. Easy life 6 in 1 test strips nitrate -10 nitrite-0 chlorine-0 GH-8.4 Kh-10 ph-8 i use tap watter and i put sera toxyvec in it.my filter claro 1000 no meds Change the watter twice a week 30%
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