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  1. Thank you. I always get young. I mean not fry but like 3-4" total. I just said that in another post. Yes, ripping off customs is not the serious big deal that people do. they release non indigenous species that compete and well you know the outcome. There are still very pristine waters in CA. In the US but few. People did not care what belongs to everyone. All the Pythons in FLA. etc. Well here is a problem. If a major Airport, too far. To home this bum driver never rings/knocks. Someone is always here. So it could sit outside hours when I was right here! Cannot risk that so I have no choice to go to the Airport. I agree, causing them to have to destroy any living creature is a tragedy. On the other Hand this is funny. A guy from Germany was staying with us a long time ago. He overstayed his Visa. So went to CA. You know how peaceful Y'all are especially back then. So they ask does he have anything to declare. He declared a Tazer and illegal knife. At least he was honest. However he then found his way back to Germany sans his weapons lol. Unfortunately everything real nice she had is sold so I am going to have to wait. That is okay. Good things come in due time. The opposite of being a jerk I guess I can ask if I can paypal her some money to reserve 2 in the future. Unless that stresses her out I am not sure. Or some of the adult/junior combos are not bad at all. Decisions. She is obviously a decent person seeing their prices. Those guys in China sell sick fish for $400 and up. Notwithstanding shipping. See that gets held up by customs people not only just lost $$$ they are responsible for murder without penalty. I also found out the so called high end LFS I have been too is importing junk from China. I hate to call a fish junk but you know what I mean. Just sick fish. I am not afraid to get an animal at a decent pet store even though many are against it. Even a dog or cat or bird. Like the fish I would want them quickly before they had a chance to mistreat them though. Quite frankly they should not have higher forms of life but I can't stop them. If a pet is sold the day it comes in all is good. It is when say a dog sits there 6 months. I don't really think the issue is abuse, more neglect in pet stores. Cages way too small as well as aquariums. I would rather just deal with people that care. One problem with like petsmart/Petco is you do not know when they came in. Unless you know someone that works there or something I guess. Anyways at least I picked a breeder. Either have to wait or take what she has on hand. I will just let everyone know when they are here. This thread may be pretty old by then lol. Not procrastinating just want what I am looking for. She will have it soon enough I am sure. I would really like 2 from Diesel I guess. Those are magnificent. Obvious why they are all sold. Just one other idea perhaps I am not sure if Aquabid is still online but is that a bad idea? I did before, of course 3 months total fungus. Well, I guess I just answered my question
  2. Yes, you are fine there mjfromga. If they were large really need two in 75 imo. The only thing with 1000gph is agitation. Unless you mean like 2/3 canisters that is okay. A single 1000-1500gph is too much for goldfish in a 55g. Unless you are really diffusing it. They do not like white water. You are probably fine unless they get real big. It was always stupid to me every place sells big ones for much more than little ones. Yes, I get it but the flipside is we do not have them as long then. I never like to get a new fancy goldfish more than 4" nose to end of tail. So, small. I save and have the fish longer. I certainly always provided enough room except the poor Oscar in the 1960's. Some get big some do not. Just like people I guess. If a fish does not grow huge in 4-8 years I am not sure it was stunted. Could depend on the circumstances. I just get mad about what I said. 20+ of any fish in a 10g with just an air stone. Some people have no regard for life. Well I am a Vegan to begin with so I am not even the guy to ask lol. I think you are okay though. See how big they get. I prefer ponds too. I won't even talk about my pond because there are going to be non believers again. Lets just say I will do anything for living beings human or otherwise. People say it is a stupid fish. Not to me. Of course I do not tell others what to do unless they are blatantly engaging in abuse. I don't even do that really because now days people just shoot you for it. I am not concerned about your situation though. It sounds okay. You don't even need 1000gph if you change the water twice a week in that I suppose. If you are up to it might be good with like 500-750gph. You probably know get this thing called python cleaner or make one and it is very easy to change. Just absolutely use a thermometer if you do that. It depends on your water though. If no good/chlorine just fill buckets with it by the aquarium. I am not preaching to you, I imagine you know all this. Just figured I would put it out here.
  3. Years ago Walmart had an Oscar. It said adult size 6"! I put it into a 30g aquarium. It had a miserable life and died a miserable death. Stunting fish if it is us doing it is terribly wrong. They are living beings and have feelings including pain. The bottom line is do not get fish too large for your aquarium and do not overcrowd. Granted I did not read all this thread but I am just saying about us as the end keepers causing this. If they get stunted for other reasons that is beyond our control. I love to see a family at petsmart with a new uncycled aquarium of 10g and 20 angel fish stuffed in a bag. Not. Goldfish in general I strongly feel should have 30g per adult. Preferably 50g. I know most of you love them as much as me. Do you agree with this? See, goldfish usually do not get huge but they create a lot of bioload. If you have very serious filtration I will say 20g but not more than 4 fish which would be a 80/75g aquarium. Quite frankly too small to me. I guess it depends how much you love them or they are just a "thing".
  4. Thank you. I fully understand she would have had it with tire kickers jerks rude etc. Unless I can get a flight to municipal airport it has to come home. The major airports are too far. We prefer country living but it does have some down sides. I figured I could alot $300 to shipping so I should be safe. My Brother lived in Ontario for 23 years, Now he lives in the Netherlands. He used to send someone to Buffalo for stuff. You are lucky customs did not catch you! I do not break laws but that is absurd, I would break that one too. OH, better to bring a fish than a stupid gun, right? Some laws stupid. They outlawed retail sale of rabbits in Wisconsin and Illinois. My favorite show rabbit passed away. So Instead of spending $95 I spend $$$. I have offspring, rabbits you know lol. They are not what I want as my household companion though. Honestly her fish are much nicer than petsmart. As soon as the tank cycles again I will place an order. I stripped the tank because that fish was riddled with disease. I was not going to trash all that equipment so cleaned it. It makes no sense to buy potentially sick fish. Sure, any animal can get sick but less likely from a quality source imo. I did not realize there were other avenues to obtain them.
  5. They were both nice. I decided the right thing to do is get two quality fish from ECR. I mean every single animal on this farm originated from top breeders. I have no idea why I would treat fish any different. TBH, you end up spending more on medicine than on the fish. The only thing is I would like to ask her how much shipping is. I am worried to upset her with all she says. I am serious and not a jerk but I fully understand any breeder is jaded on the internet. I am by wi/il Lake Geneva area. If anyone can guess shipping I would appreciate that. I could spend about $700 for 2 fish and shipping. I am just guessing shipping is the bulk of the price. I was originally set on the big Asian farms until you folks enlightened me and I am glad you did!
  6. Thank you everyone. ECR looks good. About to check out raingarden. I would bet these are better than LFS stuff.
  7. KoKo, it is okay after I started this? You are great. I know almost no one with a big forum that posts in their own forum. I appreciate you came to this thread from a sort of new member. It was the same name as the one on this account but probably at core.com. I think they are out of business. That is why I could not recover it. I also really appreciate that you did not accuse me of the pictures. I mean what would be the point of that. I already knew everyone here was okay. Try joining a car forum lol.
  8. Wow. I had no idea about this, Glad I did come over here. I always thought just the opposite. Like the best goldfish come from China. I had no clue to this. I thought petsmart was sure to die. Did I have this backwards. I feel like an idiot because I have had fish over 50 years. I am truly shocked. Now that I think about it imports did have more incident of disease than petsmart. Well I certainly don't know as much as I thought. There used to be an etailer goldfish connection had good fish he raised. Out of business like 20 years ago. I just have a question please. Is Dandy or Blackwater good? I mean look at the prices. Also the high end fish store he has domestic and Asia. Suppose I would want the domestic. He is honest at least. Plus they are handled well. I am such a sucker I thought if I pay a lot it is healthier. This is no problem then. Since there is a petsmart about 30 miles. She said she will order anything I want can pick similar from pictures and pick up after 3 days quarantine. I guess they are good if they check them. I don't think even every petsmart handles them bad. Some of the managers are better than others. I was also surprised someone's age does not inhibit their knowledge. A 19 year old man at that store seems to know much more than me. Plus the prices are very fair. Probably best place to get it. I just do not know why online(domestic) are so expensive? I also did not know about just one. I thought I was giving them a better life. I feel stupid now. I really do not want to stock the tank though. A lot of bioload maybe not good either? I will get two at those prices. I mean petsmart. The airport is no problem but if petsmart is fine might as well how cheap they are. I am not sure I need a show fish for a pet. I knew none of this. Thank you
  9. You know, this was actually stupid of me. I got excited because we live in the middle of nowhere. I need to scrub that aquarium and get the salt out of it I used to try to save him. Yes, he was a "him" in fact. Then be up to a long ride. I am a senior. So if I do not get around to this for a week I am saying those two may very well be sold. Here is the lucky part. Fishplanet's distributer is restocked from Asia. Some of them are show quality but maybe I can't afford those. So he said for now he will regularly have Orandas from $30 to $500. Big range. I know all about what makes a specimen more expensive but something in between. If it is not okay to say prices here I was not really saying the price of anything in particular. Hope you don't mind KoKo. There is a store with the same supplier and less money because bigger store but way too far. I do not speed so this is more than an entire day. I know how to pack them and everything. I thought since I am emptying it in this case with one fish to pour their water in. The many bio balls and sponges will bring it up fast. I do need to wait 72 hours after I clean it. So like I said in a week those may be gone anyways. I did like the copper one but it will turn orange. I hope to get a nicer one though. With no shipping involved I can afford like two bills. This and the one too far are high end stores. No worry about disease or anything. PetSmart maybe not a good idea. Spend more on meds than the fish lol. I will put pictures. The aquarium is bare. No substrate or decoration. Just plumbing. I am crazy about them so maybe it was 30 years old. There is a 30 gallon sump, big Eheim pro, big emperor, protein skimmer, 60 watts UV, Two cyclic air pumps from Danner, 1HP chiller, 5KVA backup, RGB LED and halide pendant but no plants. Amazingly there is not too much agitation. I am not bragging just kind of saying their welfare is important to me. tbh, I do not take that good care of many others but certainly not neglecting them. I don't know why but the oranda is very important to me. Therefore I think it is in my best interest to get a good one. I liked those but you can see neither were great specimens. However if the red/white is not sold as cheap as it is maybe I will still take it. They do get expensive but I was wondering why orandas are not the most coveted goldfish? Like a really good shubunkin could be much more valuable. Still does not matter the oranda is important to me. I don't even know why. I guess years ago I thought a telescope was cool but the wen was what really impressed me. Well I like hats go figure. Sorry for long post.
  10. I apologize for referring to everyone as "HE". I did not even realize I did that. I will admit in that sense I am a typical male. There is no excuse for it. As for your feelings I do not understand but I suppose you can no longer elaborate. If those are indeed old pictures on google I swear I did not grab them. That is what I was given. I fathom it is possible they both pulled that stunt. Unlikely but possible. If that were the case and I drove 200 miles I would not be happy. I am not a bad man really. I am not even that much of a male pig. I take it you don't like me but I did not mean to offend you. I have nothing to do with those pictures. I mean for referring to everyone on the internet as "HE". My apologies in that regard.
  11. Okay. I don't say much but I would try to help with anything unusual. I was here like 10-12 years ago had like 400 posts but forgot my username/pass. I am impressed that you(KoKo) thought it was alright in your own forum. I do not know why he got that attitude with me. well everyone is different. Some people don't like I have always been a nerd. I have grown children and grandchildren. I try to go out of my way to take care of anything living. I know a high end 120g setup for one goldfish seems nuts but maybe he really did live so long. I mean I alone had him like 17 years. The vet is not stupid but dating goldfish is difficult at best. I have no idea why he thought I stole someone's pics. Each of the stores emailed me those like I said 200 mile trip to either. I am not sure KoKo. You are correct and I did not even think of that. You know how an old Moor turns orangish. That fish is not going to stay copper like that. I did not even think of that. I am guessing you like that one because it is obviously a better specimen. I would still love it but prefer I get what I see lol. maybe I can find a better one somewhere I can drive. The issue with online is not so much the fish even though a good one is 5x what these are. 5g water, especially overseas with a live animal package is more than the fish afaik. I like to have one fish that is very important to me and usually an oranda. I have 5 discus in a 200g. Keeping my oranda is like the opposite of overcrowding. I do feel if you are very careful and lucky they do often live 15 years or so. 30 I am not sure about but it is not like I lied for her. I could get one from say Foster Smith LiveAquaria but don't see much point. I would be willing to get a good one if someone can tell me anywhere to my door about 2.5 bills. I am pretty sure you are usually looking at 5 bills on those sites. Too much. There were 3 great stores in IL. closed years ago. Well fishplanet usually does have good stuff but his distributer is out now. Maybe just wait a couple months. Since you just pay the fish not the shipping. I am glad I am welcome here. I figured everyone was just going to run me out of here. I do not think I did anything wrong. I figured a fish forum people are pretty chill. Not like a car forum or something. If I see anything here I can help with I will do that. I guess it is funny I rejoined with my big question! Seriously I do not have to get one Tomorrow. Being only 2 to choose from. I do like the first one though. Would love a Panda but could wait forever or $$$.
  12. Actually I think I like the red and white better. Never mind. Sorry I wasted everyone's time. I have little use for fish forums so you do not have to worry that I am some troll.
  13. one picture is from fishplanet in il. the black one is from petsmart in Kenosha wi. both currently available. I do not know where you got that they are stolen google pics. I did crop the pictures. the one petsmart that do not know much called "black" is indeed bronze, brown,copper whatever not black. the vet said she estimated that fish was 30 years old. of course she could be incorrect. I brought him to hopefully have the cancer removed but she said it had infiltrated his body. yours was indeed black. I get the 30 years old but I assure you the pictures are legit. it is not like we are talking about any expensive fish. I just was wondering if you picked one, which. that's all. I am not sure I only want one and think they are both nice. FYI, this should prove what you refute.
  14. Strange you cannot see the pictures. Using edge/explorer or something else? Oh it is your phone. Can you try to get to pc/mac? I have all kinds of problems with the s9. Like no cell service here lol. They can live alone or together. Yes, a 120g can certainly support 2. I ultimately decided to take crazy care of them just one. Since one gets a disease both get it. Good water and they will almost never get any disease by themselves. Plus there is get along and all of that. I have about 40 fish salt/fresh but I just adore orandas. I really like pleckos but orandas are my favorite. of course I do not keep pleckos with goldfish lol. I wish you could see the pics. see, I do not live in the city but on a farm about 160 miles from downtown. in the middle of nowhere. so these fish are 200 miles apart for me. neither will ship. So for now only getting one anyways. The internet is too expensive with shipping and stores far away here. these are not great specimens but I do not care not showing/breeding them. as far as these go they are like for nothing. I can spend more but not like dandy prices. I have some expensive fish but people gave them away. This 120g is a crazy setup. yeah it can support 2 but like 500 miles of driving and I just feel best about 1. I know most people would not do this. I do wonder if a better specimen is likely to have more longevity. I was just lucky I guess. I could get a show quality one but shipping 5g water plus the fish is a lot. Isn't there a lovely aquarium/museum in Melbourne? Or I am thinking of Sydney?
  15. I belonged here years ago, forgot info. Have been keeping fish over 50 years. I would not call myself an expert though. My beloved Oranda has passed away. He was estimated by the vet to be over 30 years old. I loved him so much he resided in a 120 gallon by himself. His cancer was so bad the vet could not fix it. I picked Two new ones. I was just wondering which you folks like better? The reason being the black one is more desirable but I kind of prefer the Red/White one. Mainly I was wondering which you think is a better specimen. The black does not have much Wen and not a deep belly but they still tend to be more sought after I guess. Either one is slightly over 1 year old and about 5-5.5". These are not very expensive by their standards. I only want one to live alone in the 120g. I am asking because I am distraught and would like affirmation. I appreciate your advice. Thank you
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