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  1. Tank test results: Ammonia - Unfortunately can't get a reading at the moment as my awful test strips don't include this Nitrite level - 0mg Nitrate level - 50mg pH - 6.8 Chlorine - 0.8mg/L Tap test results: Ammonia - N/A Nitrite level - 0mg Nitrate level - 25mg Test kit used - eSHa Aqua Test strips Water temp - Unknown but should be around room temperature Tank size - Around 40-45 gallons, been running for around 8 years Water change of about 45 litres performed today. No treatment has been added to the water as I do not know what's wrong with him. The growth on him looks quite bloody and has strange white parts.
  2. Hi, I need some urgent advice. My goldfish has developed some sort of strange growth, and now it has got to the point where he is laying on the floor and not moving much. He is still eating however. I have no idea what it is and need help as soon as I can. He is a panda moor and quite old now, around 8 years. I have attached a photo, will post details about tank details etc. below. Thank you for any help.
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