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  1. I told Sebastian that he is the goldfish of the week winner. Sebastian wasn't very interested and just ignored me.
  2. Thanks shakaho, I found some misleading information on the net that said that fish will overeat to point where their stomach rupture. https://animalreview.wordpress.com/2008/06/16/goldfish/ That misleading quote popped upped prominently as the most pertinent answer when I googled "goldfish eating till they die" https://www.google.com/search?source=hp&ei=T7wJW9aQG8misAWQxoXgDg&q=goldfish+eat+till+they+die&oq=&gs_l=psy-ab.1.0.35i39k1l6.3033.4993.0.7841.
  3. It is possible for a goldfish to eat till they die in one meal ? Say if someone accidentally knocked a jar of goldfish flakes into the tank spilling all the food within the tank. Will the goldfish eat so much within ten minutes where they would die from over eating?
  4. I found some goldfish teeth this morning. I took a picture of it and shared it with amazed friends and family.
  5. Too bad that fatness is the standard of beauty in goldfish. Having a nice prize winning fat goldfish is a dream but a fat goldfish with swim bladder disease is a nightmare !
  6. Sebastian is around five months old now. As Sebastian ages and grow bigger, at what age will I know for sure Sebastian will not get swim bladder disease because he is growing up ? Is there a cut of age that one would know that the goldfish will not get swim disease if the goldfish reaches that age ?
  7. Does being fat like show quality goldfishes are increase the chances of swim bladder disease ? Does being less fat decrease the chances of goldfish getting swim bladder disease ?
  8. I took pictures of handsome Sebastian for the following weeks competition of "Goldfish of the week".
  9. Sebastian was turning black from the outer fringes of the fins inward toward the body. I added some bio media pebbles. Luckily the bacteria colonized the pebbles. It took about a week for Sebastian to get cured. He is cured now.
  10. I did a large water change. I'm going to cover my siphon hose with a plastic mesh and rubber band.
  11. I found two teeth that Sebastian had shed. I scooped them out. This is the first time I found teeth from a goldfish.
  12. If a tank is cycled and their are plenty of BBs on the bio media, are there any disadvantages to a water change that is over 50% ? How about 60% to 100% ?
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