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  1. That sounds like a great idea, gonna pic some up. Is that black sand as a substrate?
  2. I'm not a big fan of chemicals. Adding chemicals to a pond to fix a problem is like taking a tylenol for a broken bone. Algae is natures way of balancing your pond. If you have algae you have too many unused nutrients in your water. Adding filtration, lowing fish population, decrease feeding and maintaining filtration are all ways to decrease algae. Here are pics from one year prior to adding filtration and after the upgrade.
  3. Great pics, Hmm now thinking of adding plants
  4. Iris do well in ponds in a few inches of water, bog iris and planted iris are the same thing. Iris are very hardy and do well moved from one environment to the other. I'm also in Pa. and have never had luck over wintering floating plants for my ponds. I have had Parrot feather survive from one year to the next. Another nice plant is watercress, if you find it at the supermarket with a root system just clean it off and put it in your waterfall.
  5. nice setup, always wondered how goldfish would do with a planted tank. What substrate did you use, also how does that affect suctioning the tank?
  6. wow love that Chocolate Oranda, Impressive tank too!!!
  7. TY KoKo, total of 50,000 gallons, 6,000 on top for plants and free water and 44,000 on bottom. I try to keep the herd to 35. I love being able to sit and follow one fish around the whole pond. In the winter I lower the lever of the top pond about a foot. Then it becomes their winter home, 1/2 of the filtration gets shut down and the other half runs inside the white shed all winter. I don't own any real show quality koi, just a bunch of lovable mutts.
  8. I try to keep the number to about 35. Last year I had a huge spawn with about 40 babies. If you need fish let me know. Ty for the comments!
  9. Related to goldfish, Goldie the big girl in the center, will be 18 this spring.
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