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  1. Hello all, I have some nice size comets in variations of white and orange. Nothing too fancy but really nice pond fish. I am looking to reduce their numbers so I have more room for Koi and Fantails so if anyone is interested and lives near 08620, they are free for the taking... I will take pictures if anyone is interested, just let me know.
  2. One last point - I will also take your advice on the media - this morning when I checked on everything, only one strawberry was still visible. I was able to find the other one under the media and there was nothing left of the basil but a few leaves! I will put everything in grow pots and take out the extra media and save it for other plantings.
  3. OKAY!!! So I spent Earth Day building and then tweaking and then building and then running back to Lowe's (and then repeating) all weekend. I could not get the Bell Siphon to work at all, then consistently and then at all again. My wife was super patient and encouraging as I racked up the bill buying this connector or that one and then another set. Anyway, about 4:30 pm yesterday I figured it out and it felt great! That first time the suction works is pretty cool to watch. I videoed the second for you to watch and here is a picture of the finished pond. @shakaho - Thank you for the links and information! It really helped clarify what I was doing wrong. 1 inch input from the pump at (roughly 500 gph) required a 2 inch drain with a 4 inch bell and a 6 inch media blocker. Not sure if this is always the case but this is what finally worked for me. Also adding the 45 degree coupler on the end gave me the right amount of back pressure I needed to consistently start the siphon. IMG_4843///
  4. Ok so I have been busy at work taking in your feedback and trying my best to adapt it to my setup. I built a filter and added it into my design and now have some "tweaking" to do on the Bell Siphon but am other wise pleased with the results. There are still a few more items I need to add (once my friends at Amazon ship everything but it is pretty close. Here's my current progress... 14 Gallon Filter - Swirling at the bottom for the solids with filter media as it rises up from the bottom to the overflow into the grow bed Increased to a 560 gph pump to handle the extra lift and flow requirements Still to come... Bottom drain in the filter to easily siphon off the solids Enlarged Bell Siphon to handle the larger pump (back to Lowe's trip number 12) Plumbing and divert-er for the dutch buckets across the back of the pond
  5. Thanks for the feedback. I took a look at the link and you have a very nice system. I will look into adding a filter in line with the grow-bed. Something I can easily drain/clean out from the bottom. This is an ebb & flow system on a timer so I will need to allow for that.
  6. Thanks - I built out a strawberry "tower" last year that I will try to use in this setup. The box in the pictures with the clay pebbles is intended for herbs I think but I still have a few more weeks to figure it all out. The blue Lowe's buckets will get the tomatoes and eggplant (there are currently 4 buckets) and will overflow back into the pond through tubing once the back part of the decking is finished. The strawberry tower will just hang over the side of the pond and drip back into it. The only thing that will not be directly "fed" by the pond water and fish waste will be the lettuce which I will setup on floating rafts in an aquarium behind the black box. Did a little more decking work today. I think with another 5 boards and some decent weather this week, I should be finished the build by this weekend! Really hoping this all comes together as planned.
  7. Sorry about the movies - they were from Apple Live pictures. Here are a few pictures as it sits now. Was hoping to make more progress today but did not get a chance to work on it.
  8. Ok great, thanks. Was getting a little worried.
  9. Thanks - I am not sure about the dropsy so would love some more input. It is a pearl scale and was quite small when I got him/her but has always had this odd shape to it. It was one of the reasons I purchased it because he looked so different. Here is a better picture from this morning. If it is dropsy, do you have any suggestions about treatment?
  10. Here's one of my friends - I have had him/her (no idea) for about 5 years now and he is about the size of my fist. Will eat out of my hand once it warms up a bit more (think he forgets about me over the winter). As I get more opportunity, I will take pictures of the other ones when they come up to greet me each day.
  11. Working on my new aquaponics pond now that spring has come! Really happy to be back playing again with my garden/pond. I caught all my fish (5 Koi and 17 Goldfish) and realized that I had more that I had expected. I knew I had the 5 Koi but was expecting only about 10 or so goldfish so I have a few extra if anyone is looking for some and live near 08620. Last year as you can see from the pictures, I had experimented with an aquaponics setup and was pretty happy with the results so this year, I am taking it larger. I installed a 390 gallon stock tank and buried it 18 inches with about another 6 inches above the ground. I started framing out the deck that will go around the two sides and back of the pond and I will use the field stones across the front. The black tub you see will be filled with the expanded clay balls (should be delivered today) and I think I will be growing either strawberries or herbs in that one. I will also use the 4 blue buckets again this year for tomatoes and the eggplants. The only thing that did not do that great was the hanging planted I made so while I still plan to use it, I think I need to review my build. The old pond was so "lived in" by the time I added the aquaponics to it, the plants could never reach a balance and clean the water enough. With this new system, I am starting from a level playing field so hopefully, I will not have the algae issues. Wish me luck! I will update with new pictures as I progress. I plan to run the system for about a month before I start introducing any new plants. IMG_2609.MOV IMG_4752.mov IMG_4754.mov IMG_4758.mov IMG_4780.mov IMG_4783.mov
  12. New here but has anyone on the forum built an aquaponic system with the Goldfish/Koi pond? I did this past summer to try out a few different methods... Here are some pictures of my setup. Next year, I am planning to revise these a bit. The buckets worked best by the way.
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