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  1. Hi all, I originally visited this wonderful forum about 10 years ago and I have just reentered the hobby. I'm in the process of setting up a new 4ft tank with a Sunsun canister filter etc, whilst I have my three new fancies in quarantine. They are two tiny juvenile red cap orandas and a slightly larger gold and black telescope. Their quarantine container is 70 litres and I'm doing 80% daily water changes with Prime. They appear to be doing great, are very energetic and eating well. One concern that I have though, is there is lots of chasing going on around meal times, with the pecking order by size. The largest and second largest also get into little "rumbles" pushing each other around in a circle. They all appear to get along fine at other times. I've kept fancies a few times before and have never witnessed this behaviour. Is it just establishing dominance? Should it stop when they are in their proper, large tank? Thanks in advance and I'm so happy to be part of this great website! Helen
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