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  1. Hey Koko! Sure, so I think i may have gotten the filter details wrong. The tank is RS 100B it came with a filter but I had to replace it in april 2018. So that is the SOBO WP 3990 Submersible powerhead. Its said to have Max Filtration 2800L/hr. Attaching pics. Also i did a water params test today, everything aeems good. Last week ammonia was slightly yellowish green 0.25 but today all are at 0. So i think the soil did really good in getting back the cycle. Barebottom was a struggle. Last water change was on Dec 28 and all params are fine. So I am a bit reluctant on using the gencure, i did try inserting a few specks of Gencure into peas and fed em. Now i dont see as much of clear poop issue. And regarding the size yea maybe il try getting that 20gallon tank and shifting the small one into it ☹️ Na not a canister, its an overhead filter? Yea fish tail seems to be getting torn but they seem really active other than that. Like grazing the soil pecking for food or swimming around.
  2. Sorry I have been away. Was busy with work. Anyway some updates are: 1. Got new soil substrate and fish actually seem to be loving it. So i didnt do any treatments until they got acclimatized to it. 2. Got 2packets of Gen cure again to start treatment. Couldnt start with the salt treatment. 3. I noticed that the smaller oranda fish was actually pecking on the red cap oranda. Even chewed on the tail end, so now am thinking maybe this was what caused the tail damage? So i ordered a small tank waiting for delivery. How do i get rid of this aggressiveness? Lastly got microscope and tried checking scrape sample and clear poop for flukes or any organisms!! I was just curious but the microscope didnt show any moving particles! Anyhow i ended retuning the microscope. So right now am waiting to change water tomorrow and start the gencure treatment 2 rounds and isolate the aggresive goldie to quarantine tank. Suggestions?
  3. Completed the course however this time I treated 50gallons water and end of the course ie 4th day changed only 50% water. I could still see 1 clear poop in the water during water change yesterday...hm any suggestions I am thinking this maybe the reason why my goldie never got bigger within the 1year I had her(jan5 2018 got her!) Secondly i noticed white stringy short worms in water yesterday. Attaching a video. Now I remember i had seen these in the water after a water change once there were atleast 20-30 white worms swimming around. Dad just mentioned fishes would eat it. I noticed they died during the furan2 treatment which is why I didnt mention😑 Should we try anything else ? Btw my sand or plant soil substrate is gonna come soon..so in future i am guessing treatments should be fine with same or should I wait A8E5822D-DE2C-4857-B0C7-50CECE370E56.MOV
  4. Let me show you🙃 All fish seem fine no lethargy or physical issues seen. Fed them peas but still no poop from big fishes. its sometimes clear and stringy long which kinda worries. Short red poop is only what i have seen from the smallest goldie. attaching pic. Attaching pics of the plant also, its with the pot so maybe worm came from there. I have been planning on adding sand, but not sure if it will irritate them more🧐 I know this is disease forum, I just dont want any diseases due to the new sand😝 It says sand is marble / granite powder?! So kinda confused. 1. Foodie Puppies Sugar Black Sand https://www.amazon.in/dp/B07JB22NXD/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_9p.eCb2D65VD7 2. Colourful Aquarium Sugar Type White Color Sand Gravel 3Kg https://www.amazon.in/dp/B06WLJJ6Y7/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_Ot.eCb4SFVB29 3. PLATINUM Aquarium Substrate Plant Soil (3L) https://www.amazon.in/dp/B0180II5QE/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_2l.eCbKNTT883
  5. Aw no worries Koko!! I think the worms may have come from the new plant. I havent seen any other worms after it so not sure if theres any eggs left. Only thing am worried abt is tht am not really seeing any poop after I feed em except for maybe one fish. Shouldn't they ideally be excreting like within half an hour of eating? Thought il feed em peas from today. I have been feeding em Hikari Lionhead sinking pellets twice a day. http://www.hikari.info/gold/g_05.html
  6. Its been 5days since the anchor worm issue and i think its safe to say the issue is resolved for now😊 Thanks to all who had responded
  7. Hmm couldnt get duckweek but I did just buy new aquarium plants. I kept them in salted dip and then introduced into main tank, but now I noticed the redcap oranda got achor worm I manually removed the worm using forceps and gave a salt dip for 5mins. Hes healed up but a smaller gold fish I could see is not healing up the place where the worm was is still red with a white puss like dot maybe. Did salt dips for 3 days any toher option? Sorry I know this seems like its never ending!!
  8. So the course is complete. But today I noticed clear white long worm like poop from the red cap orande which had its tail torn last. So does this mean I need to start any new meds or just wait and see?! What am tryin to say is how can I confirm they are cured?! Any tips?😇
  9. Haha!! Well I did go with your initial suggestion and treated entire tank (drained tank to half ) with the sponges in. Fingers crossed 🤞 Just waiting to finish the course by Thursday evening & I am planning to fill the tank back to full and resume with water changes 75% on Sat as usual. Hope thats fine?!😊
  10. Thanks for the response! If I finish treatment and put back the sponge, is there a chance for re-infection?
  11. 😊Finally got the Gen cure today morning. So just a few queries 1. Should I treat entire main tank? 60 gallon tank means for 1course I need to use 6packets plus 6 after 48hours i.e I need 12 packets. I got only 10 now, so should I shift all fish to smaller basin coz I don't have another tank? Or shall I reduce the tank water to half height making it 30/40 gallons for the treatment time ? 2. Should I remove the sponges in the over head area during treatment Just changed water yesterday 75% so hopefully can ho ahead with treatment?
  12. I got bad news🥺 one of my red cap orandas tail now has a huge hole😱 there are absolutely no decorations in the tank for her to hurt her fin by! Is there any disease which creates holes in fish fin?!😔 She does sort of rub her self on the glass floors sometimes from the time I had her, maybe a month? The Gencure still hasn't arrived and prazi tablets i didnt find in 2shops. Any suggestions attaching pics from a video I had taken. Freakin out again
  13. Wow!! That is an amazing find😁 The state you have mentioned is Bangalore which is different from where I am from 3states down under, but next time I visit Bangalore Il check. But the brand name is a huge help and Il check in pharmacies. I didnt know they had it available as capsules and that too one tenth the price of other aquatic meds! So just as a guidance, if I can get this capsule what should be the dosage?
  14. Thanks a bunch koko!! I was kind of freaking out coz i didnt want to lose my goldie i had for a year almost! Lots of great info I have ordered Gen Cure, will wait and let you know updates
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