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  1. I am a first time goldfish owner. I've had a fantail for about 2 months in which pretty much everything has gone wrong.Aoife (fish's name) lives in a filtered 10L aquarium without direct sunlight. It's the only fish there. After a couple weeks it got white spot disease which was treated and erradicated (?). I investigated proper water care and it's not overfed, weekly 30% water changes and I test the water with liquid kits ince a week. A month later it got what appeared to be finrot so I treated with interpet anti fungus and finrot (phenoxylethanol). After one round it still looked sick and got black spots so after a 30% water change I went for another roundIts fins have stopped shortening but it now has blackish spots on its tail plus is covered in this white specks that don't quite look like whitespot. HERE photosI just tested the water yesterday and everything was normal. pH 7.6, amonia 0, nitrite 0 nitrate 0. Please help me I've done everything I could and I really wat Aoife to be healthy and happy!Three questions:1.is the finrot healing?2. What are the black spots?3. What are the white specks?
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