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  1. They are all ready top pop they are so big I have 5 females throughout 3 10 gallon tanks and a 55 almost ready too go up
  2. I’m trying too breed green cobra guppies at the moment
  3. Wow sorry to hear that and yes they are.are they the same angels in your tank of the month photo? Beautiful tank
  4. They are really neat fish koko really fast I love watching them eat fruit flies
  5. Wow have they spawn much I was thinking of giving them a try also my dad use to keep them and I know the younger less experienced parents will eat their eggs I hope yours starts too take care of theirs baby angel fish are awesome
  6. Thanks I’m looking for the eggs right now hope they weren’t eaten 😟
  7. I have an oranda (Dylan) my sons fish who has changed from all orange too having quite a bit of black with ammonia at 0ppm and then back too orange with just alittle black on his mouth and tips of his fins if I were you I would just watch my water perimeters closely and keep up on w/c it should be ok 👌
  8. I have a group of four black skirts in my 36 , 3 female 1 male n the females have been quite plump for about 6 weeks now I was beginning to worry they might be egg bound and the male wasn’t mature enough to spawn well it’s finally happening n it’s my first black skirt spawn does anyone have any experience with these guys and breeding
  9. I love sun sun canister filters I have a 303b as the main filter on my 55 gallon planted but I clean it once a month because of the plants I keep coarse medium and fine sponge in the first basket or bottom and a bag of crushed coral that takes up half the 2nd tray and fill the rest with lava rock oh n I keep filter floss pad on top of the 1st tray and a pad under the media in the rest of the trays to keep my biological media from getting clogged up and this works for me really well but I run two other filters on my tank and it’s heavily planted I’m sure if I didn’t have so many plants then I wouldn’t have to clean it so much and might have the trays set up different. I think you picked out a great filter for your tank my only complaint with them is the return bar or trickle bar I changed it over to a spout it was really easy but I just wish they would have sent a longer bar, oh and another thing I really like about it is parts are cheap and easy to get I bought all new o-rings n gaskets and an impeller just in case I have a problem which I haven’t so good luck
  10. I’ve been feeding my four fancies fb twice a day but I’m feeding peas spinach zucchini meal worms aap omnivore crumbles n fluval bug bites and they’re growing very fast and no issues I feed 5 to 7 times a day and change water every fourth day
  11. Happy thanksgiving everyone! It’s been about two weeks since I changed over to my 55 gallon tank and the fish and plants are loving it water has stayed in its perimeters and is crystal clear , I’m doing 10 gallon w/c every couple days about 30 gallons a week, and I had to remove my favorite rock cause my fish were running into it during feeding time and I got nervous they would hurt themselves
  12. I don’t know from personal experience my filters always seem pretty clean the normal gunk for three over fed poop machines but better safe than sorry
  13. I’m on my I phone and no my dad and I built it when I was a kid it’s been at my brothers for years if I were gonna buy one I probably would have gotten a 75 or bigger I’ve seen them pretty cheap with stands
  14. Wont let me post pictures right now for some reason
  15. Well let’s see here I have wisteria,Amazon sword, star moss,java moss, moss ball, Amazon fern, and a few I don’t remember the names of I bought them before I started keeping a log of everything that goes into or out of or done too the tank mabe you could tell me here are some pictures
  16. Well I woke up this morning and the water is really clear not crystal clear but it’s looking really good and my fish are back to normal little pigs
  17. The fish have been in the 55gal for alittle better than an hour and are loving it but the seachem Flourite is making the water cloudy
  18. In the middle of fish tank musical chairs now
  19. Tomarrow will be fun it’s like Christmas been buying and storing things I needed for this for awhile now oh and I’m pulling one out for all of us older heads I’m using a supreme duramaster for my air pump I know danner still makes equipment for aquarium/ponds but remember these built right
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