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  1. Yea I know I went nuts overnighting my Ranchu, and now it’s gonna be a busy few days I’m getting 10 cherry shrimp tomorrow and 3 angels Thursday very exciting week can’t wait I want one of those red bristle nose pleco for the shrimp tank funny this started out as a black skirt spawning page
  2. Me too I have cherry shrimp coming from somewhere else for a new 20 gallon planted I’m pretty excited about them also , it feels like forever waiting on these angels
  3. No mr Gordon sent me an email with shipping date of tomarrow
  4. No I should have them Wednesday I’m pretty anxious
  5. I got a blue marble rainbow and a blue angel and blue zebra something veil
  6. Thanks for that site this was a blessing in disguise thanks I’m placing my order now
  7. Oh thankyou I’ll have to check them out
  8. No eBay seller mrfish1956 emailed me this morning that he never sent them because they got sick and refund my money so I looks like I will be messing around looking for new angels 😡 but at least he didn’t send sick or dead fish would have been nice if he told me the day he was supposed too ship them though
  9. Friday morning and still waiting, they got mailed on Tuesday, or at least that’s what the seller said, I took off work just for these fish and my boss just don’t understand
  10. They’re supposed too arrive today but it snowed so now I am stressing out over it I hope they are okay 👌
  11. Yes they are beautiful I ordered my first five last week the guy is shipping them today should have them tomorrow
  12. Well when my cobra guppies finally pop mabe we can work something out I don’t want any money or anything just don’t want to pay shipping and I’ve never mailed a fish but I still have the packing my Ranchu came in
  13. The one with the green water is my ghost shrimp tank they love the green water
  14. I’m in love with the black veil tail angels n the koi angels
  15. Guppies n ghost shrimp tanks are moving tomarrow
  16. This is where they are moving too in the next few days as soon as my guppy grass gets here it’s a 56 gallon bow front I’m also adding bristle nose pleco’s snails and drift wood
  17. Ain’t very green but they are green cobra guppies
  18. Ain’t very green but they are green cobra guppies
  19. Ok give me a few busy at the moment and would any body know someone who sells shrimp I am looking for sky blue velvet shrimp I love how they look think they are beautiful
  20. 3 Males total 2 in one tank with 3 females and 1 male a green cobra in a tank with 2 females all females are pregnant the 3 are almost ready gravin spots are really dark and bellies are squared off the other two army far behind
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