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  1. Oh I forgot to add I have a cycled 20 gallon qt all set up n clean, prazi powder for parasites and the 75 gallon will be up in a week or two dealing with work 60 hours too 70 hours every week and taking care of poor Peanut kinda set back putting it up and taking down the 55 . So I’m going too qt the little guy for 6 weeks minimum with constant water changes daily and I’ll tell you guys how it’s going in a few days
  2. So I ordered a new Ranchu thru my lfs yesterday it’ll arrive Tuesday,I’m pretty excited the tank feels so empty without Peanut in it
  3. Didn’t expect to get so attached, she was more like a dog to me than a fish
  4. Sorry I haven’t posted anything I’ve been working 2 Jobs 70 hours a week and taking care of my fish and buying lots of tools my shop doesn’t supply it’s diesel technicians I’m head mechanic at one job and welder fabricator at my night job , so Peanut passed on this morning never thought I’d take it so hard she had gotten better for a month but I still did 25% w/c every day and she recovered then two days ago she took a turn for the worse and I was going too cull her today cuz she looked like she was really suffering guess she died in pain. I feel like I failed her she was my favorite, so my wife says too get another and keep it in qt any suggestions for Peanut the2nd any breeders on her wit lion head Ranchu
  5. Oh and I even tried all the veterinarians in our area but none treat fish
  6. So Peanut is still not right she broke out with bacteria infections 2 more times after the first time i finally used api erythromycin and all her white spots cleared up and haven’t come back it’s been about 3 weeks now but she still isn’t eating normal and isn’t very active i done w/c’s daily except when doses of medicine were given and as soon as her cycle of medicine was done back too her w/c schedule she’s had me pretty stressed out all my other fish are doing great
  7. Thanks I’m going too do it Sunday work picked up putting in 70 hours a week it’s crazy right now ,thankyou
  8. Still soaking the tank lol it was a salt water set up and I’m having some issues getting the residue off the inside of the glass
  9. Ok so I picked up the tank yesterday and am soaking it over night going too scrub it down n rinse the crap out of it after work today sick little peanut doesn’t know it but when she goes back to the goldfish tank it’ll be all brand new
  10. I bought the meds to have on hand I try not too needlessly dose any of my fish but I have 9 tanks running and when Peanut got sick I realized how limited my choices were so I’m stocking up is all I have a bottle of prazi on it’s way I have a lot of tropical fish also . And thanks for your advice Peanut looks so much better and is acting much better also another week and I’m gonna add her back too her buddies in their new home
  11. So today is day 13 and Peanut is looking way better I purchased an assortment of anti parasite and antibiotics just Incase this didn’t clear up but she looks too be almost healed so no meds in tank just salt she did however cover the entire tank with eggs yesterday so many I couldn’t believe that she could fit that inside of her man it’s not the easiest job cleaning goldfish eggs out of a tank and getting all of them so anyway thanks for the advice and help
  12. So it’s day 10 and all seems well her sore looks like it’s shrinking and healing, I’m still doing daily 50% water changes and adding salt and prime, and praying that there are no more complications
  13. So today is day 8 and I did a 50% water change before work and added carbon to the filter to get the meds out and added 2 table spoons of aquarium salt she’s eating and seems good
  14. Good luck Corey’s are so cool
  15. Well I shut the lights off while at work for a 10 hour day and turned them on after I got done for a few hours and she was happy to see me and the chunk of soilent green I put in for her so I’m thinking she’s going to be ok on my way there now too do a water change
  16. Man that’s scary we had a big storm Friday and Saturday lots of wind and trees taking out power lines one right up the street from me but I got lucky my power stayed on all around my town people are going with out power
  17. So my 20 year old daughter decided too show her friends my little fish room last night and Peanut my Ranchu is in qt down there and they didn’t turn any of the lights back off,🤬😡 so this morning when I went down stairs too do some water changes before work I saw the lights on n Peanut looking all stressed out I almost didn’t want to do the water change but I’m scared of what might happen if I don’t do it so I did her water change and dropped a small chunk of soilent green in there for her I gave her about 20 minuets and she didn’t touch it so I got it out and shut all the lights down guess I’ll try again after work
  18. They’re one of my favorite also them and German blue rams come in right after my goldfish
  19. Thank you n tomorrow is her last day on melafix then I was going too keep up on treatments minus the melafix for another week see what happens
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