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  1. You can tell, all of them are really nice fish but B.P. is the shiznit
  2. I have thought about using those before especially since the coral takes so much rinsing
  3. It did make it drop when it was in the 55 gallon so I started keeping a bag of crushed coral in the canister filter
  4. Soak it in bleach for a week and then soak it in fresh water for two weeks
  5. I soaked it in a 55 gallon drum with bleach for a week, then I ran the hose in the drum over flowing it for about ten minuets a day for about two weeks n then rinsed it n put it in the tank that was last year
  6. Yes he has I’ll put new pictures on when I get done work
  7. So I had to take down his qt tank in a hurry the other day, ( home repairs) so I put him in with my other fancies and everybody seems happy
  8. Thanks he is an awesome fish he used to be the smallest and when I fed them he would push the Oranda’s away from the food I had no idea fish acted like that, now he’s big enough he doesn’t have to do that the pictures are of him when I bought him and one was taken a few months ago
  9. 6 or 7 long I think haven’t measured in awhile
  10. I’m sorry , just went thru the same thing with Peanut she was my favorite. I spent 12 weeks changing her water daily and treating her but what ever it was finally won I even try’d all the vets in my area but none treat fish
  11. So he’s warmed up to me and man he’s a ball of fire he is all over the tank and comes up to greet me when I get close to the tank , thinks it’s time to eat lol. He was a great buy , personality is awesome
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