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  1. I'm from Hillsboro. I haven't even thought about used tanks... silly me! I will definitely keep an eye on craigslist for something that could work. I did think about the petco dollar sale though, I just really hope they have another one soon I'll definitely shoot for the 37 gallon and get 2 fish. Alright, noted. I'll use some kind of rocks instead of wood and just get the plants and tank at the same time. Would you recommend that I add the excel or is that more of just a bonus kinda thing? I just want my plants to be well established before adding the fish, and make sure I can keep them alive lol. Okay, thank you Do you happen to know if goldfish like eating water sprite? I might swap it out for moss balls instead, cuz I would like them to have a plant they can snack on in addition to the anubias, which I mostly just want because I think they are pretty and seem easy to care for (and helping keep the water clean of course). Sweet, I will definitely try to go with 2 then. I was thinking I'll probably put an intake sponge on both of them as well just cuz that seems helpful if they're kept clean. Thank you so much for all of your input! Very helpful
  2. Hey everyone, first of all sorry if this is in the wrong place. I'm (obviously) new to the forum, although I have been lurking for quite some time, because I have been wanting to have a goldfish tank for the longest time, and this place is clearly full of knowledgeable people anyways, I wanna do this right, because I'll be honest, I have tried to keep fish in the past but did horribly wrong as I didn't do as much research as I should've. This time I want to be as prepared as possible before I even buy the tank or anything else. So, I have a nice list of questions. Any help at all is appreciated, if you can't answer all my questions that's ok, as I'm sure other will chip in hopefully to fill in any blanks So in general, my plan so far with the knowledge I've gathered is this: I would like to get a 20 gallon with 1 ryukin, or a 37 gallon with 2 ryukins, depending on which I can find and afford. These sizes are just because the Aqueon tanks in those sizes fit the space I have available for a tank (29inx13.5inx24in) , which were the most affordable tanks I could find. I want to have a bare bottom tank, just because I like how it looks and it seems the easiest to keep clean. I plan on doing at least a partial water change & clean every day because I want to keep the tank looking as pretty as possible and because daily upkeep is actually one of the things I'm most excited for, as it will give me something to do lol. I would like to have some live plants in the tank, specifically I was thinking some kind of anubias, maybe one or two tied on a piece of driftwood or maybe a couple rocks, with floating water sprite to fill it out some and give shade and all that jazz, from what I understand they both have low light requirements, but please correct me if I'm wrong. That's another thing, is that where I want to set the tank up I won't have really any light aside from whatever artificial light source I can afford. I was planning on doing a fishless cycle using both pure ammonia and small bits of fish food, as I heard that was the most ideal way to go about it. Phew, sorry that was kind of wordy, but here are my actual questions now I have that general description out of the way: 1. Is it considered cruel to have one goldfish by itself? I've read opinions either way, that they do get lonely and other resources that say they don't get lonely. I may only be able to find or afford a 20 gallon, as apparently the 37 gallon tanks are harder to find? I would love to have 2 but my budget just might not allow it :/ 2. Would 37 gallons be enough for 2 ryukins, or would it be better to have it understocked and only keep 1? is 20 even big enough? I feel kinda bad because I guess that's the bare minimum and I want em to have a good life. 3. So obviously I'm gonna do a fishless cycle. Like I said, I'll probably use both pure ammonia and fish food to have a variety of nutrients for the beneficial bacteria (unless yall think I shouldn't? I just read somewhere that it was a good idea) but the problem is, I'm unclear as to whether I should put the plants in while I'm cycling it or not. I know that I want to have the plants a little bit before I get my fish because I want to give them time to get settled and well rooted and stuff so the goldfish wont kill them or rip them off the rocks/driftwood, but should I wait until the beneficial bacteria are up and going or would the plants do fine if I started cycling them and keeping them in the tank at the same time? 4. Also relating to letting the plants get set up before adding fish, should I dose them with some kind of nutrients if I don't have any fish in the tank? Would I just continue dosing with ammonia or fish food or both or would I need something else? 5. Would water sprite and anubias go well together and have similar enough needs? Any suggestion on types of anubias specifically or would any type do? And if they wouldn't do well together or with my needs (low light, bare bottom, all that) do yall have any other suggestions for plants that would work better? 6. Final question, on either size tank I would possibly get, I was thinking I would either get 2 Aqua Clear 20s or 1 Aqua Clear 50.. which would be better? I was thinking the 2 20s because it would provide more surface agitation at either end of the tank, but let me know. This was a lot longer than I originally thought it would be Thanks so much to anyone who read it all and again for any help yall can give me in this journey, haha.
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