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  1. I have a filter system... no airstone. How would I medicate with metronidazole, and does that mean dumping water with the Prazi in it? If I Medicate with metro, what's the dosing?
  2. So I wanted to post this. Looks like he has a few raised scales near his tail and on top of his tail and he is swimming kinda sluggish and breathing heavy tonight. I did add Prazi yesterday, half a tsp for 10 gal tank like the bottle said. His belly looks really distended and he just seems not right. Should I dose with Kanaplex or if he did have Dropsy, is the Prazi too hard on him and should I dump the tank and put him in clean water and do the Kanaplex? I don't want to lose this fella! Please help! IMG_7914.MOV
  3. Ok, my friend is bring Prazi and also has Morton Canning and pickling salt. She said to let you know it isn't actually awuarium salt becuas the dosing will be different.
  4. I posted everything I know. He was a Petco fish, I included the tank stats and the only med he was given was the ms222.
  5. I do t know what the school did but they had 16 of these in a 30 gal tank for a week and had 2 die. I don't know what they used to sedate the fish for rads but I will see what I can find out. I am using regular tap water in a Rubbermaid Container, about 5-6 gal with a little filter system with sponge filter and using an oxygen pitcher to help oxygenate the water. I will check the water and get those results for you.
  6. I brought this goldfish Flubber home from vet tech school. There they use them to teach Anesthesia and blooddraws and radiographs to the vet tech students. He seems very pineconeish and fat. He sits near the bottom and does nothing. He does eat and gets lively for food then will sit and gasp for minutes afterward. His poop is thick and black and sometimes a stringy clearish grey. He eats goldfish flakes and I fed him a little oats yesterday. Can you help me? I don't know how to treat him and I don't want him to die!
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