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  1. Well, I know it's strange but things are under control now. The ammonia reading in my tap water is back to zero and so in my tank. I had a word with the water department, they had added some new additives to the water but discontinued that(it was sort of an experiment). Not really sure if they would do it again. Fish are normal now after the water change and the ammonia burns are disappearing as well from my fish's body. I feel a bit relaxed though. I did a test again on my tank water and the readings are as in the attached images. Nitrate is low as I did massive water changes for 2 days and tested water on the fourth day and I have few anubias in the tank.
  2. Thanks DawnMichele. Arctic Mama, Prime is on it's way. Arriving on Monday. Got something else temporarily which claims to take care of chloramines(which produces ammonia, I guess).
  3. Thanks... This really means a lot and reduces the guilt
  4. Thanks... I hate when I am unable to save a fish. Not sure if it is my mistake or not. The fish remained with me for mere 4 days.
  5. The fish passed away. Thanks for your time and effort. My tap water is showing a bit of ammonia. Around 0.2 ppm. Not sure how's that possible. But my MAIN tank water which is 3 days old shows no sign of ammonia. The fish are fine and eating well. Just one fish is showing black marks on fins and body which I assume is ammonia burns. I am totally lost.
  6. I have answered the questions but i highly doubt the poor fella can make it. The new bubble is on the eye this time. I just noticed this morning.
  7. Hello, I got a new pearlscale from my lfs 2 days back. I didn't have a qt at hand so keeping it in a plastic container which holds around 55-60 liters of water with a sponge filter(Sponge came from my main tank which is around 2.5 years old) The fish has some abnormal blister like things on the body. Not really sure filled with fluid or gas. I have been keeping goldfish from 4 years at least. Never heard or saw such a thing. Keeping pearlscale for the first time though. Contacted the breeder since he looked bloated and i thought of dropsy but he claimed these are high-grade ping-pong goldfish with shorter tail. Also he said if it would have been dropsy the fish would have stopped eating. But this little fella eats and poops well. I really wanna save him. Any advice/suggestions are welcome. Thanks, Akash
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