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  1. So I have had this goldfish for about 6 months or so, some friend gave me the goldfish because he didn't want it and he kept it in a 4 gallon tank with really dirty water(Not trying to throw shade, he went on vacation a crap ton). When I got him he was fine and all, but now for like the past week and up to now still he is just sitting at the bottom. He seems like he wants to get up but then just stops like he has no more energy in him. My water parameters look like this. Ammonia - .25 Nitrate - 40ppm Nitrite - 0 Ph - 7.4. Tank size is 20 gallon, only plants I have in there is a narrow leaf anarcharis that is growing insanely, I was thinking maybe since the plant is too big it is making it overcrowded and stressing him out? Btw he is the only fish in the tank. Something else I may have to add is that he is about 10 years old. And from what I am thinking since he was in a dirty crowded tank before mine it limited his longevity? I have tried giving him a epsom salt bath already like 2 days ago, thinking of doing another one maybe. And one more thing. He started to sit at the bottom like 2-3 weeks ago, in the middle of this I had noticed he had some fin rot or something that was tearing at his fins, I gave him a melafix treatment and he was good to go, he started to swim around and do his thing, then this week he has started to just sit at the bottom of the tank, no sign of anything too bad really. I know this is a lot I just wanna inform with as much as I can because I care about this little guy, can anyone help me out?
  2. Recently my goldfish has been staying around in the bottom of the tank. I just did a water change and added in a new filter thinking it was ammonia poisoning or something, but nope my ammonia is almost perfect. I was also thinking I was overfeeding, about a week ago I did accidentally add a lot more food than I usually do, so today I have thrown in peas and hoping he will eat sometime. I was also thinking because a week ago I have been making a lot of noise in my room working on stuff and he may still be stressed out by it. Lastly maybe because I waited a little bit longer on my water change and did it in 3 weeks besides 2. But I don't know what is going on, if I move my net in the tank he moves and tries to get away from it. What I have in the 20g tank - I goldfish Narrow leaf Anacharis and some rocks. I am just trying to give as much info as I can, may someone help, and tell me if I need to do anything or just wait it out. *Btw* He has not lost color or anything in scales, looks healthy just sits at the bottom of the tank.
  3. Recently I got a fish from a friend who neglected his fish, he kept the goldfish in very cloudy water and in a 4 gallon aquarium for a couple of years and didn't really care about him. The fish has had blood lines on his fins and such since I got him, will these heal up? He is a fancy goldfish, I think a fantail goldfish to be exact. https://mail.google.com/mail/u/0/?ui=2&ik=a72265e11a&view=att&th=15daf6ac6c3f011c&attid=0.1&disp=safe&realattid=1574842234196459520-local0&zw https://mail.google.com/mail/u/0/?ui=2&ik=a72265e11a&view=att&th=15daf6b584fb847b&attid=0.1&disp=safe&realattid=1574842274050736128-local0&zw
  4. I think he just fed him Goldfish flakes. Their was brine shrimp and bloodworms in the filter, I removed the media for a second and placed it back in and food did indeed come out. I will try to get goldfish flakes when I go to my LFS this weekend.
  5. Recently I got a fish from a friend who neglected his fish, he kept the goldfish in very cloudy water and in a 4 gallon aquarium for a couple of years. The fish has blood lines on his fins and such. He is a fancy goldfish, I think a fantail goldfish to be exact. But anyway, I put him in my 20 gallon aquarium (I know, not a lot but it's the best I can provide for the little guy) I haven't really seem him eat, I never really find leftover food besides some peas. Could their be a problem with him? Btw he is doing better now that he is in a better aquarium, from what I was seeing when he was in my friends tank he wasn't even moving that much, he is very active. Foods I feed (or try to) Brine shrimp, tropical flakes, peas, bloodworms. I haven't seen leftover Brine shrimp flakes or bloodworms. When I put in the peas he tries to snap at them but misses and leaves it alone xD Any help would be appreciated!
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