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  1. Yep, and thanks for helping me out, and using your time on my problem
  2. (Sorry for posting so many comments like this, it won't let me edit...) Welp, woke up today and him found not responding anymore, and he was on his side and his eyes were bloody . I tried to help him out, I think I did a good job until I realized the age of the fish, but everything has to die. Thank you all for helping me out, if I ever get a goldfish again and it has problems or I just need help, I am for sure coming back to this site, you all seem to really care for your fish!
  3. https://streamable.com/p9t9r here is a video of the goldfish.
  4. Alright, but I'm just wondering, is euthanizing him a thing I may have to do? I am wondering because I just wanna know if we even can fix him up?
  5. Well speaking of the filter, it moves about 125gph. And when you said "That might explain his flipping over" What do you mean? Didn't really understand it sorry.
  6. Well, do you think I may need to euthanize him? Currently he is just on his side breathing heavily, just about any little push puts him on his side because he has no strength it looks like... Never knew old fish acted like this, but then again I'v never been in this hobby enough to see an old fish till now. If I have to euthanize I will try to pick up clove oil and do that method since I'v heard it's the most humane way.
  7. So I have KH and GH tester coming in Saturday
  8. Well, never-mind I will get KH tester. Tested the water it: Ammonia - .25 (I don't know if I test it wrong or what but I never reach 0 ammonia on any of tanks, or I am like colorblind or I think there is always green in it idk.) Nitrites - 0 Nitrates - 20ppm PH - 6.4 (Dang)
  9. Well, I don't know if this is the main priority, because the PH seems to be stable now. He is very inactive, I was cleaning the tank a second ago and he flipped on his side from a movement in the water but has flipped back over. He is also breathing a lot more.
  10. Yep, 10 years old and a fancy type. And from what I have heard being in a crappy tank can limit it's longevity, and from what I was saying I got this fish from a friend who kept the poor thing in a 4 gallon with blue cloudy water. I can't get KH readings simply because I don't have a tester. I am going to the fish store tomorrow because I am setting up a new tank and I am going to get plants for the tank, I could possibly get a KH tester if I remember.
  11. Never heard of Prazi, so no. I could probably take out more gravel but I don't know about the new filter. I will try Prazi if you want me too.
  12. Took the rock out. I don't have too much gravel in there. The goldfish wasn't my first fish in the tank and I thought I had way too little gravel in it. But if I need to remove some I will probably do it. Note in the past week or so I have seen him go up to the top of the tank and grab food it looked like. Every time I walk into the room he is normally always in a new position. Here is a 10 sec clip on the goldfish just hanging out, if this shows anything. (Btw the loud filter in the background is my 55 gallon) https://streamable.com/gf56e
  13. Lice rock, and sorry for late response. Lice rock for freshwater. Well now that I look it up I can't even find results for it... Here is a picture, I am pretty sure it was called something like lice rock, I haven't bought it in a while forgot the name I guess. It normally is white, but most of this was in a tank that I used some medication on.
  14. So, the ph is still the same after I did that test you told me to do First test - PH - 7.6 AFTER 24 hours - PH - 7.6 But the ph in the goldfish tank did go up last time I checked it.
  15. The carbon pads I try not to replace, unless they fall apart. But two weeks ago I did change the carbon pad for some dumb reason and it probably started the cycle again . And I don't know how old the carbon pad is because I just took it out of another tank. The pad is about 6 months old as old as the tank. I don't know if it's an ammonia remover.
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