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  1. Hi, I'm new too posting on these forums however just had a fish pass away last night after reaching an age of about 12. It had appeared to develop Lymphocystis. I only have one goldfish remaining and this fish has had a large growth on its ventral fin which Im guessing has been there for approx 12 months. It does not appear to be in any distress. Fish would probably be around 5 years old. Im not sure what the growth is and in the last two weeks have noticed a light white mark on it. I want to give this fish the best chance and also check if it may be ok to add a new fish given the condition of the current one and the issues with my other fish that passed. Also looking for ides and what treatment if any is needed. I use the API 5in 1 Test Strips to test the water. No signs of Nitrate or Nitrite, PH is 7. KH approx 80 and GH approx 60. The tank is 160L, temperature 22C Had recently put in some melafix into the tank and to help the sick fish and a few weeks ago had seen the start of white spot and added a treatment of Blue Planets White Spot Remedy which resolved that quickly. Appreciate any help. As a general rule I change between 10 and 20% of the water every week or two and do my best to look after the fish. On rare occasions this may be left a few weeks maximum. I did a 105 seater change two days ago. Thanks in advance,
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