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  1. Good evening! I added another airstone 2 days ago and it worked! My red caps stopped swimming by the surface.
  2. Hi! I am in Beaverton, Oregon. Do you know where I can get duckweed around my area? And would it be okay if I just put the duckweed in my tank or do I still have to out it in a 10 gal with an air stone? Thanks!
  3. Hello Koko, I've done Sharon's advice for almost 3 weeks now and my nitrate has gone down between 5-10ppm. But my red caps still floats by the surface of the water. I want to to give it until the end of this month and see if that changes. Other wise, it could just be their behavior? As my other fish doesn't do it. If the water changes aren't doing it, then I'd go and switch to different food as mj suggested. Thank you for checking in with me and my fish!
  4. I didn't do my research about Hikari pellets, it was the one that was recommended to me in my local pet store. My fish are picky eaters, I fed them New Life Spectrum pellets before and they just ignored it so I had to siphon it out. The attached picture is what I feed them for a week now. It's a mixture of Hikari, Omega One, and New Life Spectrum pellets. I've been doing the water changes as advised but my red caps still does the same behavior. I do think it could be their diet as you say. So I'm going to make a change on their food too. What do you prefer? What kind of pellets do you use and do they sink or float? Thank you! -Nikki
  5. Hello Dawn, I took Sharon's advice but haven't notice any changes with my red caps' behavior yet. I'll continue to do a weekly 75% wc and daily 25% wc for my routine until the nitrate goes down. Thanks, Nikki
  6. Hello Sharon, i saw your response yesterday and so i did the 75% water change. I did a 25% wc today. I routinely do only 50% wc per week but I'll change that to a 75% once per week and a daily 25% wc until my nitrate goes down. Thank you so much for your help! I feed my fish hikari pellets and hikari frozen brine shrimp, approx. 20 pellets twice a day on weekdays and brine shrimp on weekends. I often give them shrimp pellets (one pellet per fish) as treats because they love to swim up and beg for food once they see in the room. Thanks, Nikki
  7. Hi Sharon, My tank is a little over 21 inches, just the standard 75 gal. tank. I tested my tank water today: Ammonia: 0-0.25ppm Nitrite: 0ppm Nitrate: 80ppm!!! I did a 25% water change after testing.
  8. Hello Sharon, here I have a picture of Kami, one of my red cap, caught in the act of being on the surface! His dorsal fin also sticks out of the water but sometimes it doesn't. And thank you, Dawn! I'm glad to be here and to have found this community! Cheers, Nikki
  9. Hello! I'm excited to be part of this family. I mostly in need of help raising my goldfish babies since there's not a visible community of goldfish hobbyist in my area. My fish fam consist of 2 red cap oranda (Pula and Kami), 2 sakura ranchu (Chuchu and Lychee), 1 black oranda (Kujo), and 1 calico oranda (Strawberry). They live in a 75 gal tank. My main concern is that my red cap orandas love to swim on the surface of the water. They're not gasping for air, they just simply float on the top sort of playing god-like and watching the other fish swim below them. They only do this when I'm not watching them! So I've observed this for a month now and they still do it. Whenever they see me and when I come closer to the tank, they swim back down with the rest of the fish fam. I also don't think it's a swim bladder problem because they're not swimming upside down. They also perfectly swim fine when they join the others closer to the substrate. Is this a common behavior? if not, then why does this happen?
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