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  1. haha thank u!! i never expected this to happen and as of last night i found 2 more, making a total of 8 !!
  2. hey, i realize this thread is kind of old, but if u are still active I noticed that your fry are a few weeks apart. I have a few fry that are 10 days older than my newly hatched ones and i'm not sure if they can live together peacefully without being eaten? Did you put your newer fry immediately in the tank with your older fry? or did you wait until their size got bigger?
  3. Hi everyone, My goldfishes had 4 fry who recently turned 1 week old on 7/17! When I was doing a water change I found 2 more fry (who are at the early stages of clinging to walls). I recently found out about the 'If the fry are bigger than the old ones' mouths then they can live' thing but I added some photos so I can get a second opinion (it's hard for me to tell if they're bigger than their mouths). The first 3 are of my week old fry, the last one is of my newly hatched fry. P.S I was thinking of feeding the new fry more often than my older ones (once they start free-swimming of course) so they can catch up in size, then I will put them together. Thoughts?
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