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  1. I bought Dimilin recently. On the bottle, it says 1 tsp. treats 500 gallons. I have a 20 gallon tank. I used 4 drops. I figured the size of my drops by dropping them into a tsp.. Well, it didn't get rid of the fish lice, which I have been battling for over 2 months. I put a couple of more drops in without cleaning the tank and it still didn't do anything. I just performed surgery for the 4th time and got a big one out and pieces of a couple others.I don't know if I got everything out. Thankfully, his wounds clot well. I put some Mercurichrome on them.They really ate a big divot out of him. I don't know if it will ever grow back or not.I don't know how much more (Dimilin) I could have put in, but that is what I heard too.....that you can use up to 10 times the recommended amount. I will be continuing use since I don't know if everything's gone (eggs,etc) and both of us don't want to go through that anymore.
  2. I'm glad your lice weren't burrowed in yet. I took one off that was like yours; still moving around on him. I have a microscope and I have a big part of a dead one. When they burrow into the flesh of the fish, you see their black digestive system, but the translucent green just looks like a fatty coating over the black part. They are hard to get out and crunchy.They are copepods. Some info: Argulus lice propel themselves through water very efficiently when they seek a new host; propulsion is provided by the 4 pair of thoracopods located on the posterior portion of their ventral surface. On the ventral surface of the louse head are short antennules and antennae, both of which have claws and function as organs of attachment to the host. Juvenile Argulus lice attach to the host by means of the claws, whereas adults attach by means of a pair of modified suckers commonly referred to as maxillules. While feeding on the host, Argulus species insert a preoral stinger to inject digestive enzymes into the body of the fish, and the lice suck out liquefied body fluids by using their proboscis-like mouth . I have to do surgery again on him, because there are pieces left and they aren't dissolving. I also might still have some live ones still. Part of his tail has been "eaten" and I have to be careful not to rip half his tail off when I perform surgery. I now have Dimilin in the tank, which is supposed to be the best thing to use, but I don't know if it's working or not.The bottle said 1 tsp. per 500 gal., so I figured it out to be 4 drops for my 20 gal.tank. so far, I put 4 drops a week and a half ago and another dose after a tank cleaning the other day.I bought some clove oil and only put 2 drops in 2 gallons of water to anesthetize him before the last surgery, but it wasn't enough.He still wriggled last time I had him on the operating table.To put him out, I would have to put ~ 10 drops per 2 gal., but I'm chicken, since too much can kill them.
  3. It looks like it could possibly be fish lice. The pictures aren't clear to know for sure, but if you pick up your fish and slide a tweezer over the spots and you see movement, then it's lice. I watched a Youtube video to see a guy pick them off a goldfish.
  4. I read on the web (not from experts, but from someone who said it helped their fish) to fed them bits of fresh garlic and the lice don't like it. Anyone hear of that? I wonder if the fish would eat it?
  5. Well , I just did it this morning and it was a mini nightmare.They were burrowed in so hard (and they were so hard and crunchy).I had heard to put salt on them, so I dabbed a Qtip that was in very salty water. They did not come out in one piece. In fact, there are many small pieces left in him and I can't tell if there is enough of one left to be a total animal again. I have a feeling there might be one on the inside of this tail you are seeing on the pic.I don't want him to lose a half of a tail right now. He is acting fine and eating and swimming. I wish he would just settle down and rest in a corner.I need to leave for a day and a half now and I'm a bit worried. Oh, and I did get one piece big enough to see that it was, in fact, lice. I have a digestive system with a bit of the green body.I have it packed away in alcohol-laced paper towel.I have a microscope at the other place and will look at it for posterity. I hope there aren't any newbies still there who will grow into adults. The lice treatment is in the water, the aquarium salt, a new cleaning with a good water change, the heater is on 75 degrees.Put a bit extra of Stress Coat in the water. Can't think of anything else to do. When I picked them out (I had various forceps to use ), I then dabbed the wound afterward with triple antibiotic gel ointment because that was all I had. I can bring mercurichrome type ointment back with me tomorrow night. I'm Any more suggestions are welcome.
  6. I am trying to get up the guts to perform surgery on my fish to get these parasites off. They make him itch.He stays where the water flows over his fins for relief. There is one video on youtube of an expert taking them off. I'm scared. Any suggestions or tips?
  7. Yes, it's Microbe Lift specifically for lice and anchorworms. I have watched a few Youtube videos of people taking lice and anchorworms out of fish. What my fish has isn't anchorworms .They are burrowed in though and it's going to pain me to try to get them out. I don't know what I'm doing,but I do have various tweezers. I'm first going to call some fish stores to see if they'll help me do it.As for water changes, I have been doing more than 20% changes.As for what they look like, I took more pictures, but they all look the same to me. They look like little fat,brown pieces of arborio rice. when I see the aquarium store guy take them out, and seeing what they look like when they're out, it appears that the black is the digestive system of the louse and the body is translucent greenish, so, probably them being burrowed in and clamped on, their digestive systems are what I see and it looks like there is a layer of fish skin (unless it's their translucent bodies)that are covering them. (notice on the different angle photo). There are two of them (at least).I thought that the treatment I put in the tank was going to kill them and their babies. Don't they have a life span? Is it forever? Don't parasites ever die? Do I really have to do this?
  8. Well, now it is the end of the month and after extensive reading all over the web,I have gleaned that if a parasite is big enough to see, it's either lice or anchorworms. I looked at many pictures of anchorworm and I'm almost certain that it's lice. That is probably why Prazipro didn't help.. I clean the tank really good once a week, I have the heater on 75 degrees, aquar. salt of 4 Tbl. to a 20 gal. tank. I just put a treatment in yesterday of a product called Microbe Lift , which is for anchorworm and lice.The directions say to repeat it 3 times in all, one week apart, with a partial water change. I'm almost certain I introduced it to the tank by buying anacharis (which looked pretty sad) and probably was tainted. At least around here (no.. Calif.), getting a hold of decent anacharis is very hard, at best.I haven't seen disease in many years. I will report later on what happened. Thanks for all your replies.
  9. Hi, I don't know if this is any better, but since this last weekend, the two black things have white fuzzy ends on them and they do move, at least insomuch as they are convex and sticking out are now waving back and forth when he wiggles his tail with these white ends showing. I dabbed some peroxide on them again today.I think it's too soon to put any more Prazipro in the tank yet.
  10. Hi, I would like to know what parasite this is (looking at him from all angles, I think there are two; they aren't really showing). I just cleaned the tank,(20 gal. with 2 fish, this one is 8 yo), added 4 Tbl. aquarium salt, won't be feeding them for a day, and put 1 tsp. Prazipro in.After cleaning the tank, I picked him up and dabbed it with hydrogen peroxide. I'm new here, although I've been keeping goldfish for 40 years. After reading around on the internet, maybe they are flukes or lice.??? Any suggestions? I love my 8 yo Goldman. Thank you.
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