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  1. I want to keep a 10 gallon tank for my college dorm as I have kept fish all my life and can't imagine life without them, but I am restricted to 10 gallons... What are some good hardy colorful fish that can be kept in a freshwater 10 gallon with no heater? I was thinking to keep a single betta but I believe those do better with a heater...
  2. What is the best way to clean an old unused 10 gallon tank for a Betta? I read somewhere to pour boiling water into it and scrub it with a clean sponge and no soap. But wouldn't boiling water warp the plastic?
  3. Hi! I am thinking about starting a 10 gallon Betta setup and I would like to ask if those bettas in the cups (the ones with the blue juice stuff) at mainstream pet stores are okay to buy. I'd really like to rescue one of those guys but I' am worried it may come with diseases or die shortly after. Thank you.
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