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  1. I understand, and she's clearly a nice and helpful person. It's just the usual problem with text, it can always be read differently than it was written.
  2. Very good point. Luckily he seems active and curious of what's outside the tank.
  3. And again, I'd like to point out that I have no idea if the fish has parasites or any problems I only just received it from an online seller that kept it monitored for 3 months or so after receiving it from a breeder and before sending it.
  4. But how or what way I felt others were being condescending doesn't matter. The point is, I'm still not clear on what I'm supposed to do. As always I'm getting different advice from everyone and I definitely can't do it all. Would the 2.5 inch ranchu actually live if I left it in a 10 gallon tank with a filter, airstone, and a treatment of PraziPro to treat possible parasites or illnesses for the next 2 weeks? Or does what I'm doing not matter at all and I can just put it in my planted but uninhabited 35 gallon tank?
  5. It's nothing worth noting, just the general vibe given by referring to me as Hun, and then explaining something. It gives the person the feel as though you consider yourself greater than they are or that they are nothing greater than a child. Also I was a bit bothered by the fact that in response to my question Koko only repeated the very post I quoted... It really doesn't matter. The result is the same, bacteria doesn't stay in the water, Koko has no better suggestion than what she already posted, it was just what lead up to it that made me feel belittled.
  6. Oi... this seems like a lot more to figure out than it is... So at the moment I have the 10 gallon tank with no salt but does have the PraziPro. I will change 25% of the water each day and then after 5 days add more PraziPro and go another 5 days or so, then I will put him in the big tank. Will this be okay? Or is there a chance any potential parasites may find their way back after 10 days of treatment?
  7. So what if I were to change 25% of the water each day and add one more does of PraziPro after 5 days? Then after another 5 I would add him to my larger tank? Does that sound like a good idea? Should I still try to add salt?
  8. I will take your advice and remove the fake plants. But wouldn't that be unfortunate for the fish? I mainly have them in there so he may feel secure by having things to hide behind.
  9. Well alright then. But please don't treat me like a 5 year old, that's the impression I'm getting from both of you. I'm just looking for information and if I have received incorrect advice before, then you can easily explain it to me without being condescending... I genuinely appreciate the help, but I really hope you consider how that could make me feel.
  10. No helpful bacteria. I've dealt with problems before that seemed to involve that. At least that's what I was recommended when I started dealing with goldfish 7 years ago.
  11. I'm actually a bit confused by this. Which should I go by for the observation/treatment? Do I add more with each water change? I am clueless...
  12. Basically it's water that I have left in a tank with a few decorations decorations, anubias plants, some leftover bacteria from goldfish but no actual fish, and has run through a filter for about a week. That's what I'm trying to refer to. The water has 0 ppm on both ammonia and nitrate. /the fish is currently in a 10 gallon tank with a filter, airstone, a few fake plants, no gravel, a heater/thermometer, with water from the planted tank. I added half a teaspoon of PraxiPro to the water, let it mix through the 10 tank, and after leaving the bag with the fish in the tank water for 20 minutes, I cut the bag open and let the fish into the 10 gallon.
  13. Alright, so I received the fish today and placed it in the 10 gallon tank with half a teaspoon of PraziPro. I would really appreciate it if there were any other recommendations and the like, I've never properly treated or quarantined a fish before.
  14. I would assume it refers to the water of a cycled tank. I've heard people mention it in that manner before, does cycling have nothing to do with the water??
  15. The 10 gallon has cycled water, and the intention is to monitor and treat the fish in a smaller and more controlled temporary space.
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