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  1. Hello I am new to this too.. I'm not sure If I'm replying to the right post but I do have some advise that may help! Everyone is each to their own but I have had my fancy goldfish for over 4 years now and can honestly say that she is the most happiest little fish ever! I don't mess about with putting too many chemicals into water.. all I do is put some normal tap water and a few drops of water conditioner in a bucket - (I have my own separate bucket to do water changes and never use any other liquid in there) leave it to settle for a while and siphon it back in.. sometimes I tip the last bit on her because she likes the tiny bubbles. From this I have rarely seen her have white spot and she is fit as a fiddle (never has a disease). Another tip I have is I always change and have different scenery -different coloured green artificial plants and rock/caves as in the day when she likes to nap she will go in there to be away from the water flow. With the plants she has had her babies on the same plant before so it's a good idea of knowing where they will lay there eggs. By changing your scenery and having different places for them to hide this keeps them busy this is why my fish are always exploring and are fit and happy. I also treat them from time to time with a feeder which I will post a video of next time - great way for them to exorcise for food [emoji28][emoji106]good luck hope this helps them Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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