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  1. I really don't want links to drive people over to instagram so if someone has a tip on how to share files that are over 1mb let me know.
  2. Azuma Nishiki are Japanese variety of top view oranda. Beautiful fish, not very common. I believe Azuma refers to the location that the fish originated "Azuma Name Meaning. Japanese: an archaic word used to mean 'east', originally applied to the fifteen northern and eastern provinces of Japan. " Nishiki on the other hand is a little harder to nail down, it translates to "brocade" which going from memory is a colored fabric. Often you see the word nishiki applied to calico colored fish like Azuma Nishiki and Edo Nishiki (calico top view ranchu). It also can be translated to "colored carp" as in nishikigoi aka Koi. What makes these fish top view fish instead of side view is interesting, their wen grows like a top view ranchu with a fun-tan on the front. The fun-tan is the front most portion of the went, I guess you could call it the corners that square off a ranchus head, side vew they look like cheeks, its pretty cute. They are also longer than your thai and chinese oranda which usually have a nice compact and round body shape. Their fins splay out to the sides as well, really a nice fish to watch from above. My group of Azumas came from James Alderson, if you do not know him he is a champion guppy breeder and also into breeding goldfish. I am currently working one spawn from this group. I also have tank full of Azumas that I am quarantining/holding for this year's west coast goldfish palooza from Rob Crosby. I was considering keeping a couple of fish from Rob's line to work and possibly outcross with my current line. Well as luck would have it Rob's fish started spawning this morning and made the decision very easy for me, all of Rob's fish go to the auction and I get a mop full of eggs for my troubles, what a deal! Rob's Azumas spawning A few of my Azumas in a bowl
  3. Hi Everyone, wanted to share about the upcoming event in case you are not aware. I am on a one man guerrilla marketing campaign today. This is going to be an awesome and educational event, if you are in the area please help get the word out. Besides shopping vendors in person and the educational talks you make great contacts in the goldfish breeding community. This event is how I got into breeding seriously and made contacts with other breeders I now keeping english veils, philly veils, tosakin, azuma nishki, and blue egg phoenix. Jeff Thompson will be speaking for all you ranchu folks. Very excited, details below. The West Coast Goldfish Palooza is an educational event with lectures, a competition for hobbyist, a direct buy opportunity from some outstanding vendors along with some other fun activities like a raffle and live fish auction. Proceeds go toward funding the event, future events, and to contribute to the cost of the show tanks. https://thegoldfishcouncil.org/product/2019-west-coast-goldfish-palooza/ https://www.facebook.com/events/778482629171062/ If you are not familiar with The Goldfish Council "The Goldfish Council (TGC) is a non-profit organization dedicated to the education and research of goldfish. Our goal is to educate the Goldfish Community on care, breeding, collection, improvement, health, environmental management, and the history of the domestic goldfish (Carassius auratus) as well as to conduct scientific research related to the health, husbandry, and genetics. We do so by organizing educational events and studies internationally. These events include; lectures, blogs, seminars, research roundtables, web based research, exhibitions, and judging shows."
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