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  1. Sorry your goldfish are going thru this, but you have good people who will help you on this site ! Welcome to the forum....
  2. goldfish are wayyyy cute....and Justine is adorable...
  3. Congratulation, I think this is so awesome......I bet u are excited beyond words...
  4. Beautiful fish, pond, I so jelly right now.....I have missed seeing everyone's beautiful creations !!
  5. Nice find on the tank, Everyone has such pretty tanks....with the sand, plants and all....My sister makes fun of my tank because I have NOTHING in it, bare bottom, no background, just water, bubbles....and Sushi....Super easy for me to clean....
  6. when I got back into my goldie, when setting up the tank, forgot everything I had learned....but knew what was going on when it was going on.....had cloudy "new tank syndrome" water...Luckily Sushi ended up surviving, I just feel bad cause of the stress he/she must have went through...But, this site will help you the folks here are VERY Knowledgeable
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