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  1. Say something about what? I'm not sure if you want a picture of the new sick fish, or the original sick fish....so I'll post both, neither are very good, I'll try again when I'm off work. Nothing in the tank has changed, second fish started acting weird before the water change last night. Water parameters just now are 6.8 PH, 0ppm Nitrite, 5ppm Nitrate, 1 drop KH, 3 drops GH.
  2. Oh for cods sake!!! I came home to a totally different fish laying between two vases. Put him in the breeder box, hes been floating on his side since. I'm hoping he's just got bloat. This fish has been fine for 6 months then suddenly crashes. I feel like the bringer of death with fish. I swear I put way more work than the average fish keepers I know(I don't even know another person who tests their water, let alone even understands the water cycle) and yet their fish are fine and mine are in a constant fight for life. I just had all my brand new ghost shrimp die the first 48 hours I had them in my betta tank (I hear ghost shrimp are cheap and delicate and this isn't uncommon, but its still sad.) I miss the times before I knew so much about fish and their personalities, I was wayyy less heart broken over a loss, now I'm too attached to them and their lives. On a side note, I'm loving the app "Aquarium Note" I have all three of my tanks in there and a tap water log. I log each water change, water test results, fish stock, filters and all that jazz. Its nice having a record of all the parameters and stuff to look back through and compare.
  3. I'm on an island, so definitely flying. Gotta keep it under the TSA liquid rule. I really wanted some nerite snails for my tropical tank, they're $6.99-$9 each here, if they happen to even have them which is rare. I got them for $1 on vacation, wrapped them in a damp paper towel and put them in a plastic deli cup and carried them on the plane. The lady selling them to me in only a paper towel was more confused than TSA.
  4. I'm flying down to the lower 48 again this weekend, so I can definitely pick Wondershells up (or anything else you all might think I need). I would say things are going swimmingly Sick fish is getting fatter from eating so much, when I drop pellets in he swims up to grab them, he does no side laying at all anymore, gills indeed look way less red. I'm feeling pretty positive, but hes rallied and crash before, so I don't expect this to be our last time doing this. I think I'm going to keep him in the breeder box for awhile longer. Blurry, but heres a picture from this morning.
  5. At faintailfan1 I have a pantyhose with crushed coral in it in my filter for the last few weeks. It has raised my PH and GH but not KH. Sick fish has been improving since being put back in the main tank with raised PH in his breeder basket. All the other fish have had 0 issues since I got them, its only this one fish being affected.
  6. Bah, I keep forgetting to leave a gallon of water out! So I still haven't tested the overnight tap water, but I've started testing the tap every time I test the tank, which is 1 day after a water change, I only test PH/KH/GH. (I should probably test the tap BEFORE the water change...) Current tap: PH 6.6, KH 1 drop, GH 1 drop. Current tank parameters; Temp 73F, PH 7.2, Ammonia 0ppm, Nitrite 0ppm, Nitrate 5ppm, KH 1 drop, GH 3 drops. I am back down to just my 4 goldies, the other two have gone back to their home. I did wanna update that the sick fish seems to be doing well, hes way more active, he's starting to swim around normally. He still spends a lot of time resting but the fact he is right side up and swimming about sometimes is promising. I'll attach a photo, not that he looks much better (I think his gills look less red, and his belly isn't so caved in) but he is swimming up/around to eat food, I give him 2 or 3 pellets in the morning, one at lunch, and another 1 or 2 at night. Right photo is from last night, left photo is from a day or two ago when he was occasionally still side laying.
  7. The liquid in the bottle was the opposite color of what the paperwork said it would start at that threw me off, but it was the right color when it hit the test water. Plus, like I said, the video and paperwork implied it would be vividly colored, not a faint color. I suppose the more drops it takes the more vivid the color would be for people with normal water. So, my tap water is crap water. High ammonia/chloromine, low PH and low KH. Tonight I will test all the tanks KH and GH, now that I understand the tests better. I will test the PH/KH/GH on the tap again, and test a gallon thats been left out 24 hours. I tested the goldfish water last night, I did a 50% water change on the 12th, test from 14th are 7.0 PH, 0-.25PPM Ammonia, 0PPM Nitrite, 5ppm Nitrate. My tank is overstocked, I have been baby sitting my moms 2 goldfish along with my 3, so thats where the ammonia is probably coming from, she will be taking them back this weekend, but I will do an extra water change this week either way.
  8. Alright, potentially I am just an idiot. I watched a video on the KH and GH drops to see what colors I should be seeing. With my tap water, one drop of KH or GH solution changed the clear water to a very lightly tinted yellow and lightly tinted green. In the videos, they had vibrantly green or yellow water, so its really hard to tell if I'm looking for any color at all, or vibrant color change. Attached is a picture of my GH/KH straight from the tap, from left to right with one drop of GH and one drop of KH, which was enough to change them from clear to lightly colored. At Koko I do not add anything to soften my water, it comes from a lake surrounded by muskeg, so its very soft/acidic. In my fish tanks I've started adding crushed coral to get a higher PH, since the tap water was eating my snails shells. Update on sick fish, he was right side up all last night and this morning, pooping, and he swims up to meet falling food! I have no clue what was wrong with him, I know my hospital tank ammonia spike didn't help the poor guy at all, I'm hoping the PH was the issue and that its getting more stable.
  9. So.....i think I'm going crazy or my test kits directions are backwards. My kh has orange liquid. My gh has blue liquid. My directions say kh will change from blue to yellow and gh from orange to green.
  10. Are you even reading my posts Arctic Mama He is indeed eating, I agree hes still very sickly looking, but I think its because he was VERY sick and had stopped eating when in the hospital tank. So currently hes still skinny but I'm hoping his new appetite will help fatten him back up. Theres no red vein that I can see anymore, and it was extremely red and wide just a few days ago (I'm not sure if that picture of the spine vein ever showed up in my other post or not). Overall, hes still sick, but he finally looks like hes improving, and improving is better than nothing
  11. Alright...not a great picture but you can see (as of this morning) that red vein is completely gone. Fish is for sure eating. I still find him on his side sometimes, but again, not gasping or stressed looking. If you disturb him he rights himself. He's started to swim up to the surface and glide back down, which is more swimming than he's done in a long time. I think hes getting better, slowly but still better! (above picture is from today, side shot is from last night)
  12. Still waiting on my GH/KH test (should be here tomorrow). Sick fish seems to be doing fine in the breeder, he is still "swimming" weird. I can't place exactly what part of it isn't right though....He mostly sits at the bottom of his box, often I find him on his side but he doesn't seem to be in distress and rights himself if you touch him. When I drop in food he wiggles right over and eats it, sometimes on his side still. I guess its the bottom sitting/laying and wiggling vs floating/swimming thats weird. The deep red vein on his back has faded significantly. I will take a picture today. It looks like its mid back to tail where that light vein was originally. Maybe it was an infection that creeped up the back? I'm wonder if its damaged something in his spine to cause swimming issues? I have Kanaplex which I think is Kanamycin, I bought it for my fish first aid kit last year. I could use this but would need to put him back in the hospital tank, right now I think I will wait a little longer since he seems to be doing better in the big tank (eating at least).
  13. I moved him to my breeder box, he ate a few pellets finally! He's right side up but just mostly resting. I had established media and a filter and a bubbler going in the hospital tank and just couldn't get the ammonia under .25ppm. The big tank is always at 0ppm, so that was the deciding factor on the breeder box...and the warmth. Unfortunately I noticed the sick fish has a blood red line down his spine, it looks pretty bad. I don't know what an infection looks like and I'm not certain he would survive another round of meds anyways. I'm on my phone, so I'll post pictures as soon as I figure out how. Edit. Best I can do for now: https://m.imgur.com/a/JMwaA
  14. Just an update, still waiting on the test kit to even ship (Amazon holds my orders for up to 3 weeks before shipping, no idea why, its been going on for 3 years now) should be here on the 14th. I was able to raise the PH in my betta tank and my tropical tank, from 6.0 to 6.8 and 7.0 by adding buried cuttlebone/crush coral in a pantyhose. (If it matters, it took less cuttlebone than it took crushed coral to raise the PH). I stuffed crushed coral pantyhose in my goldfish filter and hope to have it raised within a few days (No idea how long it takes for PH to adjust from the coral but the 10G betta tanks PH raised overnight). Sick goldfish is still in his bin, which has had cuttlebone in it for a week, I added more crush coral because the cuttlebone had not changed the PH at all. He still doesn't swim, sometimes I find him stuck on his back, if I flip him over he stays upright. He doesn't come to the surface at all, so either hes too tired to dart anymore or he doesn't need to dart for whatever reason. He will wiggle towards food but I haven't actually seen him eat in a few days. The bin is unheated in a backroom, so hes not at his normal 72F, more like 68F. I can leave him in the bin if that is best for him, but I did build a breed box last night from a 3" tall ring of plastic mesh inside a pantyhose leg. (I can add a picture if that helps anyone.) I can hang this inside the main tank, with a raised PH and see how he does? This would let him be with his buddies, but at the surface where he doesn't need to work to get to the surface and in a slightly warmer tank.
  15. I don't, our LPS doesn't test the water for you and only carries API Master Test Kits, no KH GH tests. I ordered the KH and GH test, should get here in about a week. Goldfish in the hospital tank is more lively, hes at least laying on his belly instead of his side, he still can't swim, just wiggles, and he is still trying to eat.
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