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  1. My Ranchu and Pearlscale have stopped doing it. They still go to the surface and slurp for a bit, but not nearly as much as before. Not sure what changed, as I've not added or removed anything from the tank. They both sift through the gravel more than before, so maybe they've decided that there's more food to be found under the water than at the surface. Hope your fish recovers at some point too.
  2. I have a ranchu and pearlscale that does the same thing. Only feed sinking foods, but they continue to insist on gulping from the surface. I've been feeding gel food with only peas in it for the last couple of months as their last meal of the day, which helps (loads of poos with bubbles in them every morning), but the floatiness is an almost daily thing. Very frustrating indeed.
  3. Looks like advanced stage of nitrate poisoning.
  4. I have no explanation for why it did this.
  5. My red cap after a wen trim. His under-eye wen is still a bit of a problem, but overall vision is much improved.
  6. The wen will be kind of difficult to cut. Its squishy and tough at the same time. Keeps wanting to slip out of the scissors. Maybe start by removing some wen right above its eyes? I found that big, bold cuts were easier to make than small fine ones. For mine, I only cut little half moons over its eyes - but if I have to do it again, I'd probably trim a little further towards the back of his head as well. Give the fish some more peripheral vision. Good luck with the trimming.
  7. Hi there. I signed up to Kokos just to share this with you: I have a red cap oranda that is similar in size to yours and also has an oddly shaped wen. It doesn't push down on his eye(s) but was obstructing his vision and it got to the point where the fish would just float or swim around aimlessly. Almost like it was sulking due to not being able to see and bumped into things a lot. It still ate like a pig during feeding time though, so I knew it wasn't sick. After a couple days (and much research online) I bit the bullet and did a wen trimming. I only trimmed the worst part over its right eye. What a difference! It immediately started to act like its old self again and didn't bump into things any more. It just seemed happier. (Hehe, I call it "it" because my fish don't have names. I call them by their type: Oranda, Ranchu, Pearlscale) If you're considering a trim - do it. I'm glad I did and so is my fish.
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