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  1. So, before i start, let me just say that im new to the aquarium world. I bought a 37 gallon high tank about a month ago. At first, i bought an 2 angelfish's with thenppan of getting other type but changed my mind after a week, returned them and got 1 black moor & a oranda. Everything was fine at first but after the 4th day, they started acting a little funny. Then the very next day (5th day) i woke up to sick fishies with white spots all over them. I did some research & talked to the local petshop. The gentleman i spok to told me to raise the temperature in the tank and drop half a cup of sea salt and give it a couple days to see what happens. Was i told the correct info? Im looking at my fishes now and they barely move, only come up when i feed them. But theyre still breathing n it doesnt look as if theyre gasping for air. I have a lot of circulation in my tank. 2 filters & a power head. Im pretty close to 10x gph for a 37 gallon. but it just sucks to see them that way. Ill try to attach a video. any responses will be appreciates., good or bad. Again, im new to this so ill soak in any info. Also, i want to point out that my water quality is all good. Minus my water hardness which is in the bad area. So, im sure that doesnt help.
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