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  1. I'm afraid it is smaller than that however it has a filter capable of the water amount and I do 50% water changes each week with a complete clean each month. Any food not eaten within 30minutes is also removed from the tank to avoid extra waste.
  2. Update, I have today purchased a water loach and a Black Moor, they have been introduced to the tank and all is going well. My 2 Orandas seem perfectly comfortable with the two other types in the tank!
  3. Thank you everyone for the quick responses and great advice. I will be getting another goldfish and will definitely be using this site again! Thanks again, Conquest28?
  4. Hi there! I am new to this website but I have had goldfish for a few years now. However I have never kept any other fish with them so my question is, what fish can I keep with them? I have two orandas and I was thinking about introducing a betta or guppy to the tank at 24-25 degrees C (with a heater) although I am unsure if they will get along.
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