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  1. Thanks for your input everyone. My goldfish are just one of nine tanks that I keep. I also have a180 gallon with an oscar, severums and silver dollars, mixed tropical with assorted tetras and angelfish as well as a 110 gallon african cichlid all mbuna tank...as well as guppies and endlers. I am really looking forward to finishing my pond for my goldfish...my plan is to grow them as large as I can and for them to live as long as they can and have good healthy lives...I have a worm farm that I have just for my fish. Into this I add a lot of greens and tomatoes and fruit so that fish like my oscar get a good amount of Vitamin C (which oscars need) and greens...and I also get the benefit of worm casting for my vegetable garden....My gold fish have grown fast but they have never been in anything smaller than a 110 gallon even when they were babies...and I have a strict maintenance routine with regular water changes...
  2. These are my goldfish. If you look at the tails of the ones with big tails see how they look stiff. And I did mean 10 inches. They are almost as long as my forearm.
  3. Hey everyone. I am new to the forum and joined because I am having an issue with 2 of my 7 comets. I have had my comets for almost 3 years and they are all over 10+ inches - not including the tail. 4 have short tails and 3 have fantails. 2 of the 3 fantails have sections of their tails that are stiff and on one the bottom of her tail is permanently rolled up in a tube shape. They all eat well and are given Hikari koi pellets, duck weed, shelled peas and worms from my compost from time to time. (the compost is maintained for my fish - I also keep Oscars and Severums). They are presently in a 180 gallon until I complete their pond (2000 litres - hopefully in the next 2 months or so). The tank is filtered by an undergravel filter...water changes are done every 2 days at 50% and the nitrates are always below 40. I have all of them since they were babies....2 of them I rescued from the feeder fish tank at my LFS...They have been well looked after and are otherwise very healthy. I have never had to treat any of them for any diseases. As they get older though I am noticing this thing happening with just these two fish. Could it be a hereditary defect? I would think if it was diet or the conditions I would be seeing it in more or all of the fish.??? Thanks Melody
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