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  1. That's the problem though. We don't have a fish store where I am that is immediate. It is a hour and a half drive to the nearest. However, Walmart does have the smaller tanks and aquarium salt to start with. Looks like I know what I will be doing on my lunch break. I appreciate it.
  2. Hi there! Cleo has been there by herself about a month. I did suggest to my fiance that we may need to go get a 10 gallon for quarantine, however I'm not sure how to treat him with salt and I don't have a resource for praziquantel or really have any idea what that is but I will do some research. He looks to be eating fine and acting okay except that he doesn't go above the halfway mark in the tank, but that may be because of Cleo acting like she is or he still may be stressed from being put into a bag, then a bowl, then the tank all in one evening. I did observe them a little more before I left for work and they both seemed to be getting along better, so the aggression may be just food aggression since they aren't used to one another yet. I'm going to cross my fingers on that one.
  3. Morning! I'm happy I found you guys, I have some concerns I need help with. I have a 25 gallon tank with one red fancy goldfish and one white fancy. I just bought the white one last night. He was acting very stressed as they usually do when being put into a new environment. He would stay at the bottom occasionally swimming around then sitting still. This morning I noticed my red fancy, Cleo, has been nipping at my white fancy, Ramses. Ramses does have one patch without scales. And one of his little fins before his big tail fins (I'm not sure if the technical term) looks abnormal or mutated. It's not a flowy fin, it looks "rolled up" sort of. His other fins are not clamped so I don't think it's that. I'm not sure if Cleo is picking on him because he is new or because he may be a little weaker, it may be both. He is still staying at the bottom of the tank but he is scavenging and moving about a lot more than yesterday. He will go to the middle of the tank some but not a lot. I feel this may be because of him getting picked on. I'm thinking about getting a 10 gallon to house him in until his scales grow back and see what I can do about his little fin (I should have named him nemo). What do you guys think? Is it just territory aggression that will dissipate or is this something bigger? Thank you so much for your help! Kenzi L.
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