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  1. alright. i want to say sorry for what i said. i ended up using Kordon Rapid-Cure. it seems to work, the spots r leting up. but im still going to pet store when my mother can take me out and get some good meds, since i got more then golds in my house.
  2. like i said i dont have test strip so i cant. if u watched the video i gave u everything u need to know about this guy. please learn to read.
  3. so i got a gold in a 10 gallon hospital tank he has red sores on him and i'll like to know what i need to use to help him out. i dont have any test strips srry. he had some at the store but i didnt see them until i got home with him. i did recorde a video of him, it should be in 4K to. i think i know what i need but i'll like to see what other say before i go out and buy the stuff
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