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  1. Yes, sorry koko, I've been trying to figure out how to edit the original post and add the information at the top, but I don't know. And thank you mjfromga also shakaho, i'll keep maintaining the salt level with the water changes, and will update if anything. ~55g-bare bottom tank Ammonia Level 0 Nitrite Level 0 Nitrate level 0 Ph level 7.2 api 800 Water temp tank size 55g AC50 and sponge filter I do 50% water changes I do on thursdays(weekly), except last week I was vacuuming the bottom again a day after the water change and ended up doing an extra 25% Currently without the oranda its 2 calico fantails they are 2in the oranda is 3 1/4in I use tetra water conditioner I feed new life spectrum sinking small goldfish pellets, soilent green and veggies. new fish is the oranda- findings and behavior is at top post.
  2. Okay I lowered it back, and added more salt. Also, you mentioned that there should be an increase of ich spots visible, but I don't see any more, only the same ones in the picture.
  3. 20 gallons and I'm slowly raising the heat, currently at 78F
  4. lol more like google answers asap, since others had the problem with freshwater fish mostly. I added 2 tablespoons
  5. OK actually funny enough after posting I moved the oranda in a 20g Long that has been running because I got scared, and added salt, but yes i'll defiantly get prazi also, thanks for advice and support!
  6. I went looking for a third and final fancy, also since petsmart told me it gets new fancies on Tuesdays, I saw the cutest oranda in my life. Today I was looking closely and noticed 3 tiny dots on the side of the tail fin, nowhere else on the body, and its not flashing or rubbing against the decor. The oranda itself swims fine, does not have cramped fins, its active and looks healthy. The water parameters are good, the tank had only 2 fantails and this new fancy as my max in the 55g and the water temp is 72F. And I've been doing my 50% weekly changes. Foods I feed-New life spectrum sinking pellet, soilent green, veggies. In the first picture with light its very faint but you see make it out, when I had extras light and curtain open directly at the tank(for the picture) its more visible in the second picture. Luckly in the years of being in aquariums I never dealt with ich until today if it is. Any thoughts or suggestions?
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